AMAZON sports leggings with pockets: 10 of the best

I spend the bulk of my time in sports leggings. I find them super comfortable and easy to wash and wear, but also really practical too. I find that (unless I have a meeting) then getting up and dressed into sports leggings is a massive time saver. It means that at some point in the day when I find a pocket of time to exercise, I can just get on with it, rather than stopping to get changed etc.

They are superb and fit my lifestyle. I can wear them with wellies, trainers or walking shoes and once they get tatty I just use them for gardening or decorating – perfect!

The ones with pockets are my absolute favourite, but you don’t have to pay Fabletics prices to have a really nice pair of pocket sports leggings. There are TONS out there and I’ve found some superb ones on Amazon.

I’ve popped a few of my favourites here. The cheapest is around £16, up to a top price point of £25. These are long-lasting and hard wearing and come in tons of colours. You can even get cropped ones for the warmer months.

These images are all clickable, so they will take you straight to the pages and you’ll be able to see all the wonderful colours and patterns in all the sports leggings.

These are great for the school run, gym, exercise classes, going for a run, yoga, Pilates and they are totally squat proof too! Also just great for being comfortable or heading off on a walk at the weekend.

The pockets are plenty big enough for a large smartphone and they are very secure – I hung upside down on a zipline in the summer with my phone in one of the pockets and it stayed put, that was the ultimate test!

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