Guest Article: 5 water sports for mums

Guest article by Alan Rada

These water sports or disciplines shown below are not just for swimming, but for having some fun while trying to stay fit and healthy. Here, I will show you a few ‘different’ ways to stay active. So, prepare your swimsuit and get ready to jump into the water!

Deep Running

Water running is the new boundary of running. If you love regular running and swimming, this is for you. This discipline is just perfect for cardio training. It also helps tone the muscles of the arms, legs, and abs. You will end up feeling like a racing horse!

Many calories are consumed in this activity without mistreating or causing any joint damage as there is no impact as in terrestrial sports.

It is practiced or “run” at a point where there is no contact with the bottom of the pool to enable deep running to take effect. If you have been swimming for a long time, it may be possible to stay afloat in the water by your own means (using your arms), but the most advisable thing is to have a good posture, for which special life vests are used to stay afloat.


I guess you already realised what this sport might be about… Yes, it’s “water-yoga”.

We are all aware of the benefits that are achieved by practising Yoga, both for the body and the mind. We can say that, psychologically, it connects us with our inner self. Now, let’s move all that to the water.

By immersing ourselves in water, we wake up specific points of the organism and purify energy channels of the body with greater efficiency, producing a general feeling of psycho physical well-being. We can also maintain complicated positions (asanas) for longer thanks to the water resistance.

Tip: Practicing Woga in natural hot spring pools can be immeasurable. Give it a try.

Hydro-power or Aqua-power

The basic concept of this type of aquatic-aerobic gymnastics is composed of complicated exercises, coordinated movements, squat and jumps.

If you are looking for an intense type of exercise, this will help you. You will feel that the movements are heavier thanks to the pressure of the water, this way you will tone your body’s muscles, burn lots of calories and add benefits to your cardiovascular system.

The idea is to practice it with little rest time. Put your body in motion.


This is another sport that requires a lot of intensity. It consists of combat classes submerged directly into the water. Through exercises and varied routines, you will challenge the resistance of the water with kicks, punches and other controlled movements.

Do you want to make it even more intense? Add tables, gloves, and other items.

This water-kickboxing can also be practised on the beach for greater comfort. Great for releasing all the stress accumulated in your day-to-day life.


You guessed again. This is a new discipline of aquatic volleyball. Unlike the previous ones, it is practised in teams of 4 vs 4 with a ball and volleyball net just above the water, of course.

Although the official dimensions of the “field of play” are 4 by 8 meters, by 1.30 meters deep, it does not mean that it can be modified depending on the space and number of players.

It should be noted that the ideal is that the water reaches the waist to allow more powerful jumps.

With the practice of this sport, you will tone your muscles, strengthen your joints, burn many calories, but above all, you will have fun!

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