*Guest Article*: Can I actually rebuild my enamel?

Your tooth enamel is the outer coating of your teeth which protects them from damage. According to colgate.com, your enamel is the hardest part of your body and is made from minerals such as hydroxyapatite. It is important to prevent erosion of your enamels, as they are also responsible for preventing the decay of your teeth. Because the enamel is made up of minerals rather than living cells, the body cannot make any more of it after it has been destroyed. While this is true, making lifestyle changes can strengthen your enamel and restore your teeth to better health. In this article, you are going to learn about a few ways to rebuild enamel.

What are the signs of eroded enamel?

Some people are unsure whether or not their enamels are in bad shape. If your teeth are yellowing, feel sensitive when you eat, or have fractured, it is a sign that your enamels are not as strong as they should be. If this is the case for you, try following these tips to strengthen your enamel.

protect your ennamel

Stop drinking fizzy drinks

Soft drinks can be a contributory factor to tooth and enamel decay. In an effort to prevent further decay, you should limit your intake of fizzy drinks. The high levels of phosphoric and citric acid in soda are the primary cause of the decay of the enamel.

Drink more water

As you begin to drink less fizzy drinks, you can replace them with water. Water is an important part of being healthy and can play a role in enamel health as well. Essentially, water is just a healthy drink that isn’t hard on your tooth enamel. Also, if you are suffering from dry mouth, this is another reason to drink more water. When your mouth is dry, it promotes tooth decay. Drinking water can increase the amount of saliva you have. Your saliva contains calcium and phosphate which protect your teeth from decaying.

drink more water

Top off a meal with milk or cheese

The acidity in your mouth goes up after you finish a meal. When this happens, tooth decay can become more prevalent. If you want to prevent decay, try drinking a glass of milk or eating some cheese after a meal. In doing so, you can return the acidity levels to normal.

Limit Fruit drinks

While fruit drinks may seem like a healthy beverage, there are a few bad things that come with drinking them. First of all, they are high in added sugars. Added sugars are bad for your teeth and have been known to cause decay. On top of that, fruit drinks contain strong acids which can decay your tooth enamel. According to webmd.com, the acids in fruit juices are sometimes stronger than the acids in batteries. If you do choose to drink fruit juices, use a straw as it can limit the amount of acid that comes into contact with your teeth.

limit fruits

Chew gum after meals

Chewing bubble gum, preferably sugar-free, after meals can increase the amount of saliva that you have. Since saliva has minerals that prevent decay, it can be useful to chew gum and increase the amount that you produce.

Don’t snack out

When you eat snacks that are high in sugar and starches, it causes the acidity in your mouth the go up for a couple of hours. During this time, your teeth and enamel are prone to decay. Limiting the number of snacks that you eat as well as trying to keep sugar and starches out of your diet can help to prevent this problem altogether. Sugar found in snacks also promotes bacteria in the mouth, another factor that can promote decay.

Fluoride toothpaste

Fluoride is a chemical that helps to strengthen your teeth and prevent tooth decay. If you want to strengthen your tooth enamel, look for a toothpaste that contains fluoride. However, be careful not to use too much fluoride as it can cause problems to the enamel and result in fluorosis.

Dental sealants

If the decay of your enamel is bad enough, your dentist may recommend that you get some kind of sealant put on the teeth. During this process, a crown or cap is put over each individual tooth in order to prevent further decay of the enamel. This method is effective for stopping the progression of decay, but it is a last resort.


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  1. I’ve avoided fruit juice for a while because of the sugar and acid. Another option is to water it down, half juice, half water, if you can’t give it up.

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