Health Benefits of Drinking Fruit Juices and Smoothies

Although we all know it’s a good idea to eat fresh fruits, we can also benefit from drinking fruit juices and smoothies.There are a growing number of people who are becoming more health conscious these days. Tons of bars, cafes and restaurants these days sell fruit smoothies and juices and you even see dedicated juice and smoothie bars. On top of that people are getting creative at home and mixing up their own yummy and healthy concoctions.

benefits of smoothies

Maximum nutrients

The good thing about pureeing fruits is that you get all the necessary nutrients present in the fruit. You are not wasting anything. Vitamins, calcium, and fibre are all present in pureed fruits. The process only brings out the nutrients in fruits, and you do not lose anything.

Cleanse your body

Pureed fruits have antioxidants that are crucial in cleansing your body. With our food intake, our body might suffer from radicals and other harmful elements. You need to get rid of them, and one way to do it is by taking foods that are rich in antioxidants. As a result, it is thought that you will be at a lower risk of things like diabetes, heart attacks and cancer.

Lower cholesterol levels

We are often told we should be cautious of what you eat, as we might increase the cholesterol levels in our body if the ‘balance’ is wrong. Fruits don’t contain bad cholesterol, and regular intake could even help flush out the cholesterol in your body.

benefits of smoothies

Boost brain function

As we age, our brain cells start to weaken. It impacts our memory and ability to learn. Regular intake of pureed fruits is thought help regrow dead cells in the brain. It is also thought to enhance the communication of brain cells, making you smarter and more alert.

Improves your bowel movements

When you eat foods that are greasy and fat, it can slow down the digestive process. With fruits, you can cleanse the linings of your intestines, making the digestive process a bit smoother.

memory boosting foods

Keeps you in a positive mood

Fizzy drinks and sweetened beverages are high in sugar. They can affect the way you think and your energy levels. You might be on a sugar high, but you also get weak easily and have a ‘down’ period. Fruits have natural sweeteners. Therefore, you won’t suffer from the same side effects as artificial sweeteners. Check out these fruit puree suppliers for more information.


  1. I quite agree. I grow lots of blackcurrants, red currants, raspberries and gooseberries and I juice them, poach them, freeze them and make jam and wine too. They last all year and are so good.

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