How to nail the school morning routine

Preparing your children for school in the morning can seem like a nightmare task at times. It becomes stressful when you begin forgetting things like permission slips, school documents, lunch, or schoolbags. I mean it’s had enough getting shoes and coats on and teeth done some days!

Fortunately, there is always a solution for each and every problem, so you can stop the stress and embrace the solution. The key is planning and preparation. 


Early to bed

When your children sleep early at night, it becomes easier for them to wake up early in the morning. Children also wake up more energetic, relaxed and ready to grasp things in school. Waking up early gives you and your children enough time to prepare for the day ahead and avoids rushing, which can add to the stress of the morning.

After school activites and children who think sleep is for the weak can pose a huge challenge to this. Some days are likely to be better than others but it’s all about finding your own grove as a family.

You may tend to forget things more when you are in a rush but with ample time to get ready, you are more likely to remember everything. An alarm can come in handy to help your child wake up on time. Also reading story books at bedtime can help children to settle and have a more restful sleep.

Involving your child

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You cannot do everything and expect to have that perfect morning. Teach your children how to do some things on their own such as dressing themselves, combing their hair, brushing their teeth, straightening their bed and packing their books in the bag.

Encourage them to be independent because this builds a sense of responsibility in your child’s life. It also helps you do other tasks hence makes it easy to have everything in place and ready to go.

Doing tasks the night before

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Some tasks do not necessarily need to be done in the morning such as signing school documents, packing bags, ironing clothes, cleaning school shoes and preparing food to serve as lunch.

Do as much as you can in advance the night before. It helps you have an easier job in the morning in relation to getting your children ready for school. You will end up reducing the stress you are going through every single morning.

Making a plan

A plan or morning schedule will help you put every idea together. It also helps you and your children get to know which particular task should be done and at what time.

Your children should also be involved when making such a plan in order to make things easy for them. Why not try writing it down on a chalk board or laminate? You could even make a picture board with younger children, so they know what has to happen each morning in what order .

With time, your schedule will become a habit and you will all know what to do at a particular time without having to glance at the plan. 

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Keeping things simple

Try keeping everything simple and easy during the morning. Some tasks such as cleaning the house or laundry should not be appearing on the plan because they can be done at another time. Unless you are a really early riser, and can get some of these tasks boxed off before the rest of the house wakes up that is.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day but it can be made simple yet very nutritious. Fruit juice or smoothies can be the way to go since they are fast to prepare yet beneficial to your children’s health. Therefore, you could invest in an effective juicer as it will make it easy to prepare them for school.

A juicer will reduce the time needed to prepare amazing fruit juices. It also ensures all the nutrients from the fruits are present in the juice you are making. Ensure you keep your children healthy as well as happy every single day. You can also make these with the children! 

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