Keeping hair healthy as you age

Everything about life changes with age. The body loses rigidity and the hair undergoes a lot of changes. For some people, hair loss starts, for others, hair becomes more fragile, or perhaps just changes in terms of its texture.

Despite these changes, there are ways to maintain the strength and luster of your hair as you age. Additionally, understanding factors like how fast does black hair grow back can provide valuable insights into hair health and regrowth. Here are several ways you can help keep your hair healthy and strong:

Get the right hair products

As your age advances, you may need other things to complement your hair growth. The reason is that, with age, your hair gets drier than before. Dry hair can result in breakage and damage. I love Palmer’s Coconut Oil Leave in Conditioner because it is really nourishing.

The types of hair products you use can come in the way of healthy hair. Some shampoos are rich in sulphates which are very dehydrating for the hair. Some hairsprays are rich in alcohol content which as well facilitates dehydration. Instead, you should opt for products that hydrate your hair. You can consult with professionals of HairHelpline and know the right products to use for your hair.

Use essential oils

Essential oils include lavender, coconut, and jojoba oil, to mention a few. Using essential oils on your hair adds an extra layer of protection to your hair strands. This coating helps protect your hair from weakening and breaking. Besides, essential oils are a great complement to the natural oil that your scalp produces.

Consider an occasional head massage with hot essential oils for better results.

Trim your tips

Most people still undervalue the importance of trimming their hair. While a trim will not increase your hair in length, it will be advantageous in the hair growth journey. Ideally, trimming helps get rid of damaged hair. If you do not have a regualr trim or use an Andis foil shaver to trim you hair, it may become damaged with split ends. Tangles in your hair will put a strain on the healthy strands you have, causing more damage and unnecessary breakage.

Watch your diet

The health of your hair is not only dependent on what you do externally. In fact, the hair growth process is majorly complemented by your internal health. The foods and drinks you consume will play a big role in how healthy you are, as well as your hair.

Eating foods rich in nutrients necessary for hair growth, including proteins, is an excellent way to grow healthy hair. Be keen to include roughages, vitamins, and proteins in your daily diet.

Take care of yourself

Other than eating a healthy balanced diet, the care you give to yourself will reflect on the health of your hair. With age, you must watch out for the calories you take, the amount of water you take, as well as how nourished your body is.

Any amount of stress and worry will take a toll on your body as well as on your hair. Stress can dramatically increase ageing and wrinkling of the skin. Embrace regular healthy habits, including a physical workout. Enhance relaxation by considering an occasional massage to ease out the tension in your body muscles – or, better still buy yourself a foam roller so you can massage your own muscles! Also, even if you struggle to get much sleep, try to make sure what you do get is good quality sleep.


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