Last-Minute Gift Ideas for the Special Guy in Your Life

We all know the holidays are meant to be a time of visiting with family and friends, sharing laughs and good times, and just slowing down and taking pleasure in everyday things. The problem is that’s a lot easier said than done, especially for busy parents who are frantic juggling so many things at once.

While you may start out with the best intentions, getting all your shopping and wrapping done ahead of time just isn’t always possible or practical, which means you’re left running around at the last minute.

If you’re struggling to come up with that perfect gift idea for the special guy in your life and you’re running low on time and energy, then this list might help.

A Slim and Stylish New Wallet

Think about how many purses you own, and how often you replace them. Now, what about the guy in your life? Chances are that he owns just one wallet and chances are also high that he doesn’t replace it on a regular basis.

Wallets are not only a practical gift but they are an easy one to buy because you don’t need to worry about sizing, colour, etc. You can simply replace it with one similar to what he has now, or you can surprise him with something a little different.

Add a Little Fashion to His Wardrobe

Guys are notorious for not taking the time to shop for themselves where clothing is concerned. It’s just one of those things that not many seem to enjoy or even think about. With that said, they often end up wearing the same items over and over again until they are completely worn out. So, why not add a sense of fashion to his wardrobe and pick him up a few staple pieces.

Shopping online at stores such as SSENSE who are known for the luxury brands they stock can also save you from having to go out and fight the crowds. You can get all your shopping done in just a few clicks on the SSENSE website. Its selection of men’s clothing and shoes is extensive, so you’re sure to find some great pieces.

A Gorgeous Pair of Leather Gloves

The perfect gift isn’t always about buying that item that someone needs, rather it’s purchasing that item they likely won’t go out and splurge on themselves. A pair of leather gloves is a fabulous example. It’s likely that your man has gloves and/or mitts, but leather gloves are seen as something more luxurious and are usually considered a splurge item. The great thing about leather gloves is that they are timeless and never go out of fashion and they tend to hold up extremely well over the years.

Introduce Him to a New Cologne

Another last-minute gift idea that might be a hit is after shave or cologne. Rather than just replacing his favorite scent though, this is a great chance to introduce him to something new. You can help him branch out and step outside his comfort zone.

Rather than pick up a cologne that is “trendy” you may want to grab something from the same designer or brand that he tends to like but just pick a different variety. You usually can’t go wrong with scents from top designers like Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Hugo Boss, and Tommy Hilfiger.

Grilling Accessories for the Foodie

If your man is into grilling then grilling accessories are a perfect gift idea. There are so many different accessories out there such as basting brushes, a sheet pan for the grill, tongs, an instant-read thermometer, a grill brush, a grill basket, pizza stone, and more. You can actually get pretty elaborate with the grilling accessories and top it all off with a fabulous apron for the chef.

last minute gift ideas

Keep Him Cozy with Slippers

Now that we are officially into the winter season, the cold is settling in and the dampness comes along with it. Why not help to keep him comfortable, cozy, and warm in the house with a pair of slippers. You can opt for the moccasin style in a leather or suede, as these will conform to his foot shape and are both durable and warm. You can even include a new pair of pyjamas and a bathrobe to complete the theme.

Don’t Let the Stress and Time-Crunch Get to You

While it’s easy to start feeling ruffled and stressed at this time of year as Christmas draws closer and closer, it’s important to take a moment to breathe and come up with a game plan, which in this case is a list of great gift ideas for the man in your life.

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