Memories of an extraordinary woman

Do you have a hero or heroine in life, dead or alive? I’m not talking about celebrities or famous icons. If I was, I’d be telling you that I always wanted to be wonder woman.

I’m talking more about the people who have been part of our lives in some way and who have left such an impact that you don’t go a day without thinking about them.

I’m talking about the people who you want to be like and if someone told you just that, you would take it as a huge compliment.

For me, the woman who has left a lasting impact on me and who I carry in my head and my heart everyday is my maternal grandmother.

She died almost 18 years ago. This means I have lived the same amount of time without her now as I lived with her in my life. How is it then that I still remember everything about her? Those memories are as vivid now as they were the day she died.

Did she have an extraordinary career? No she did not. Was she famous? No she was not. Was she an international peacekeeper? No she was not. She was however, many wonderful things and above all, she was a strong matriarch.

She had so many qualities I thought were vital for a woman to have. She was fiercely independent, she was determined, she was loving and caring, she would help anyone, she was a fixer, she was honest, she was witty and she was the most awesome multitasker! She did everything at lightning speed and never sat down.

I have lived the last 18 years without her, thinking what would she think, what would she do, what would she say about so many things. Whilst of course I have my own thoughts on all of these situations, it helps to have her voice in my head to debate the tricky stuff.

There are lots of people in life who leave lasting impressions on us for all sorts of reasons, but every so often we encounter someone who has the ability to leave imprints on our hearts and in our heads that never fade. These are the formidable ones, the phenomenal people who inspire us, our heroes and heroines and those we do our best to emulate.

Who has inspired you?

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  1. I love this post. Looking at people we know, real people who inspire us can tell us so much about life. Celebrities are in many ways fiction, we know nothing of the real people.
    For me it was my grandfather who had something special to offer me. Like your grandmother, he did not have a high flying career but he had a profound effect on my life. Kirsten

  2. A couple of people come to mind. Firstly one of my college lecturers who was so passionate about comminication in all its forms. She inspired me to follow my passion for writing and I became a journalist. Later when my career had taken a slightly different path I had a boss who inspired me to push myself and become a manager myself. She was organised, encouraging and just a lovely person. This is such a lovely post #pocolo

  3. You are so, so right. Your grandmother sounds like a wonderful person. My hero is my grandad. He always commanded such respect and I read a poem that I wrote at his funeral – the vicar picked up on the words ‘someone we aspire to be’ and he said that shows the true meaning of a decent man. Thank you for linking to #PoCoLo x

  4. What a wonderful post and a fab tribute to someone so special. I can see why she had such an impact on you. For me I’d say it was my Grandad. He was a wonderful man who always made people laugh and would do anything for anyone. He died so very suddenly ten years ago, it was a complete shock and was the first that had such an impact on me emotionally. I never really got over losing him, he was so special. Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday

  5. What a beautiful tribute and written post darling. I am so sorry for your lost. You can feel the love here. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me blog hop. I hope you have enjoyed reading so many fab other blog posts and to see you again tomorrow for another great round of #sharewithme

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