Addressing the metabolism killers


The thing I have learnt about metabolism is that it is changeable. This means that it won’t be the same your entire life and crikey it could even alter from week to week depending on what is going on in your life. Now there are lots of things that have been written about how to […]

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Eggs baked in buffalo tomato

things to do with baked eggs

I’ve been reading about the benefits of eating lots of eggs recently and have been consequently trying lots of different things with eggs. Eggs have been described as a superfood because they contain a little bit of everything our bodies need. On top of that, they are cheap, easy to prepare and incredibly versatile. Baked […]

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Dealing with reluctant brushers

Most parents go through it at some stage… the curse of the reluctant toothbrusher! It comes to us all at some point but not necessarily at the same time for each child. If you are reading this and smugly thinking that your child is a 5 star brusher who has been able to name all […]

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What not to say to a pregnant woman

What is it about being pregnant that attracts negative comments from not only friends and family, but acquaintances and total strangers to boot? In three out of my four pregnancies I endured this. I say “endured” because that’s what it felt like. I was told numerous times I was too sensitive and took things too […]

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