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When you have children you embark on a series of important milestones with them.

  • The first time you hear them cry
  • The first feed
  • The first dirty nappy (if you have had a hospital birth they often won’t let you leave without this)
  • The first night (normally interesting)
  • The first bath
  • The first smile
  • The first tooth
  • The first time they roll over
  • The first solid food
  • The first time they sit up, fall over, babble, stand, take a step and walk
  • The first Christmas and first birthday
  • The first pair of shoes

These are all really special moments for parents and the ‘FIRST’ one of these things is always particularly special.

Then it continues…

  • The first day at nursery
  • The first haircut
  • The first night without you
  • The first full sentence
  • The first picture
  • The first night in a big bed

Then it goes up a gear…

  • The first day at school
  • The first school show
  • The first homework
  • The first time they read a book on their own
  • The first school report
  • The first school play date
  • The first sleepover
  • The first tooth falls out
  • The first award at school

Before you know it, life is passing you by and everyday is bringing something new. A change, a development, an achievement, a new interest …

This week, one of the milestones in our house has been ‘The first school residential trip’!


The excitement has been building for ages and for our big girl time was just not ticking by fast enough this morning.

We can’t wait to hear about her wonderful new adventure!

What have been your recent milestones with your children?

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