Milestone Myths: what should babies do when?

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From the moment we become parents we are met with comments from friends, family, professionals and random strangers regarding their views of our babies and their milestones. Little Johnny and Jemima should be smiling, sleeping through the night, rolling over, sitting up, eating solids, walking and talking by x weeks or months, otherwise it’s not […]

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Celebrating ‘firsts’


As a parent, the first time your child does something is really exciting. Sometimes those things are big milestone type things such as: the first smile; the first rollover; the first word; the first step and so on, but sometimes they are much smaller things. Maybe the first trip somewhere or the first time they […]

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When you have children you embark on a series of important milestones with them. The first time you hear them cry The first feed The first dirty nappy (if you have had a hospital birth they often won’t let you leave without this) The first night (normally interesting) The first bath The first smile The […]

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