Remembering the early years

One of the things I constantly say to myself and others is how quickly children change and how fast a moment is gone. Talking to other parents, we are all wondering the same – where does the time go? How will we remember these early years?

Sometimes as a parents you blink and you miss something. Even if you spend the bulk of the time with your children, you still miss things. Time passes by so fast and our babies grow and change constantly.

remembering these moments

I constantly juggle in my head and heart with the speed of change in my children. On the one hand it’s so exciting getting to that next stage, or realising a new milestone has arrived. It can be quite exciting to move on and see what’s next.

On the other hand I feel this heavy heart feeling that they aren’t babies anymore and soon they won’t need us in the same way as they have done before. I already struggle to remember just exactly how it is to hold that tiny baby in your arms, that tiny baby that needs you for EVERYTHING.

I have forgotten exactly how those days of bending down to hold onto their little fingers so they can take their first steps was and I can’t even tell you when the need to spoon feed them stopped.

Over time memories get blurred, and it’s easy to mix things up in your head, no longer being able to pin point exactly which memory relates to which child’s milestone.

remembering these days

There are so many things I want to remember about these early days:

I want to remember that look of wonder on their faces over the simplest of things.

I want to remember the way they would fall asleep on my shoulder.

I want to remember the funny things they said and the cute names they had for things as well as each other – how did milk ever become coocoo anyway?

I want to remember their breath on me as they slept with their little hands hooked around my neck.

I want to remember the way they hung on my necklace when I carried them.

I want to remember how soft their skin is.

I want to remember that first time they said they loved me and how that made me feel.

I want to remember how overwhelmed I felt the first time the four of them walked along holding hands and how I’ve felt every time they’ve done it since.

remembering these days

I want to remember the look in their eyes when they held each other for the first time.

I want to remember the way they giggled full on belly giggles when I tickled them or blew raspberries on their tummies.

I want to remember the cute pronunciation of the things they say – “pip pip hooray”

I want to remember that urge to laugh and desperately trying not to when they said something funny by accident.

I want to remember the hugs, especially those ones that involve running full speed at you from the other side of the room.

remembering these days

I want to remember that sheer enthusiasm and excitement for the simple things in life – is there anything better than that?

I want to remember the immediate impact that breastfeeding had on them “wahh wahh wahh” followed by silence!

I want to remember the impact of all the mythical creatures such as tooth fairies, Easter bunnies, Santa, the elf on the shelf and the special fairy that comes to check they are sleeping every night.

I want to remember their little hands seeking mine for reassurance, even those eye pokes and ear twists are cute.


I want to remember the noise. The noise of their interactions, fights and games. You think sometimes that all you want is some silence but really I think I will miss the noise.

What do you want to remember?

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