Super quick free from foods

Not being able to eat wheat does have its drawbacks. The main issues I find are:

  • The cost of free from foods
  • The poor quality of some products (mainly free from bread )
  • The lack of quick bites available

The last of these can make things more difficult when out and about or travelling because very few places have free from sandwiches etc. Some Starbucks stock them and then Marks and Spencer have things like sushi but that’s about it.

These days, especially with the children I try to get organised to pack a picnic in advance. As wheat free bread isn’t very robust, I am always searching for other snacks and meals that are quick and easy or can be eaten on the go.

One of my most recent discoveries has been the free and easy range from Healthy Food Brands. They make a range of soups and sauces, ready meals, pastes and gravies and soft drinks that are free from a range of things including wheat and gluten.

This makes travelling quite a lot easier and means there are so many more options available. It is easy to fill up a flask with a tasty soup before you leave home for example. If you are travelling somewhere where you are unsure of how your dietary needs will be catered for, why not pop a couple of emergency free and easy ready meals in the packing just in case?


Does anyone in your family eat a free from diet? What is your approach to snacking or on-the-go meals?


  1. I think cost is a big issue like you say, and especially when you are paying £2-£3 for a tiny loaf of bread that really isn’t that nice to eat. Theat range looks interesting – will check it out! Thanks!

        1. Will do – most of the time I have to say Tescos own free from can be the best. I like Genius but i’ve had whole batches that just fall apart 🙁

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