The indestructibles

Are your children heavy on clothes? Do they go through the knees of their trousers? Do you have children who love to be outside and climbing everything they see?

Now there is a range of clothing that is on your side…meet the indestructible collection.

These are serious clothes for busy adventurous children. They are easy to wear, yet easy to wash and seem to be able to withstand a plethora of craziness and general monkey business and yes I do mean upside down on the monkey bars as well as zip lining in the park.

The range comes in girls and boys, so if you have a wannabee Lara Croft in your house like me then this range is for her.

Indestructible and children are not words that normally feature in the same sentence but I am happy to say that day has arrived!

Hip hip. .. hooray!

This range starts from two years up, which is a big relief as our toddler seems set to be just as crazy as the big kids when it comes to adventure.

There are lots of reductions on at the moment so you should be able to pick up a few bargains as well over at Vertbaudet.

For information:

Girl’s Biker-style Indestructible Trousers, £15

Boy’s Extra Tough Bermuda Shorts, £13

Stockist details:, 0844 842 0000

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