Dealing with scars

Scars are things many of us have. Some are visible, some are not; some bother us a great deal and some not so much.

Scars can come from all sorts of things. Whether it’s a BCG injection scar, Chickenpox scars, a scar from an accident, a trip or fall as a child, a c-section or other operation – whilst many of us have scars, these are unique to us.

Scars are funny things. We tend to either love them because they are a memory and part of us or hate them because we think they are unsightly.

I’ve always used Bio Oil on scars for the whole family until recently. I’ve come across Scar Gel. It is a brown, serum like product with green tea extract . You are supposed to apply it twice a day like most scar treatments.


It has already made quite a difference to the condition of the skin. The area where the scar is looks much more like the rest of the skin after a few uses.

The disadvantage of this product is that if you have quite a large scar you will get through the product very quickly, and could therefore end up spending quite a lot. You will need to decide how important it is for you to improve the look of your scar.

The scar I used it on was an old scar, so I am assuming it should be even more effective on newer scars.

Do you have scars you have tried to treat? What has been the most successful?


  1. I have a few scars from when I had bad eczema as a child. I have used bio-oil but still the same. Would be nice to find something that gets rid of them. Hadn’t heard of Scar gel before so worth a try.

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