Christmas with Casdon

chip and pin

Parents value good quality toy brands at Christmas. Parents also value toy brands where you can actually get the toy out of the box and up and running for play time in less than three hours. If it doesn’t need batteries then that’s even better – but that’s a whole other conversation. Over the years […]

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Making money online


There are loads of online avenues where people can make money. There are some people who do this full time with huge success. There are others who use it to supplement their income and then there are the unfortunate ones who have been drawn into one or more online scams thinking/hoping it would help them […]

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Learning about dinosaurs


I’ve written a few times about how interested the children, and especially the boys are in dinosaurs. They are loving Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures at the moment they on CBeebies. If your little ones haven’t seen it, check it out as it’s really informative and a lovely show too. I’m really keen to take the children […]

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The perfect family movie night

Popcorn? Check! Giant chocolate buttons? Check! PJs? Check! Hot chocolate and mulled wine? Check! All family members? Check! Now…what movie to watch? This Christmas we have the perfect suggestion for you – THE INCREDIBLE ADVENTURES OF PROFESSOR BRANESTAWM A new, star studded adaptation of the classic children’s book series will be released on DVD and Digital […]

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