What’s CoolSculpting treatment?

flushing out toxins

More and more these days you hear about people opting for non-surgical treatment options for a range of cosmetic procedures that would previously have been done under the knife. There seem to be all sorts of treatments available, with people opting to undergo a range of things during their lunch break. These are designed to […]

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Are your drinks damaging your teeth?

acid erosion

What do you like to drink? I’m talking about all drinks, not just those of the alcoholic variety, although they are also relevant. Are you a tea person? Maybe you can’t function without coffee? Perhaps you wake up with a fresh orange juice? What about evenings and weekends? Red wine? White wine? Beer or something […]

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Healthcare for your family

Your family’s health is of top priority to you, and of course your own health is important too. Sometimes you might not be satisfied with the standards of health care your family is receiving, or you might be unsure that you’re doing everything you can to keep everyone healthy. Naturally, you want to ensure that […]

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Dealing with scars

Scars are things many of us have. Some are visible, some are not; some bother us a great deal and some not so much. Scars can come from all sorts of things. Whether it’s a BCG injection scar, Chickenpox scars, a scar from an accident, a trip or fall as a child, a c-section or […]

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