The truth about colonic irrigation

Colonic irrigation. .. have you  tried  it? Thought about it?  Do you  wonder what it’s all about?  Perhaps you just think it’s all a bit gross.

Before I had children I often felt quite bloated. I started  running  marathons and when I was training for my first marathon I noticed that I found it really difficult to run up a hill. The only way I can describe it is it that it felt  like I had a weighted ball lodged in the pit of my stomach. About the same time I discovered that I was intolerant to wheat.

A bit of digging around online and I came up with the idea of giving colonic hydrotherapy (the term that seemed used by the clinics and one that sounded a tad more appealing ) a go.

How bad could it be right?

I found a local clinic and as the day of my appointment got closer I began to think about what I thought was involved. I had read the FAQS but I was still anxious about the whole pipe up my bottom and see what comes out scenario.


My therapist (Yes they are called that) was a cheerful mum of two who made the drop your knickers and spread your legs situation sound like she was asking me to extend my hand for a manicure.

She was also able to cover a plastic tube in ky jelly and put it in my bottom whilst asking me about my job and talking about the weather!

When we got to the part where things start to come back down the pipe she got distracted momentarily counting mushrooms (apparently they don’t digest well) but she was soon back to telling me all about her week and her strange neighbours.


Afterwards, when I was fully clothed again she was able to tell me what foods to avoid and what supplements to take.

I had several more sessions in the years that followed. Since having children it is something I have done a lot less but the only reasons for that are time and cost.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely.  I was less bloated, ran better, weighed less and my skin, hair and digestion all improved after a session.

Is it gross?  No. If you can see the humour in things and think about the bigger picture you will be fine. Also if you have had a baby then this is easy peasy. You are covered with a towel and there are no embarrassing smells or noises to be concerned about at all.

Does it hurt? No but as the water goes in your tummy can cramp a bit.

So the truth about colonics is simple. .. you will feel so much better afterwards!

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  1. I have always enjoyed colonics because I felt so much better afterwards. I am with you though. Since having kids, time and money have prevented me from getting them like I once did.

    1. I used to pay around £65-£70 which might not be too bad as a one off but you benefit most when you go on a regular basis so it seems a bit of a luxury then. Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. I actually have always wondered about this and how safe and healthy is it and if it hurts or is awful. Good to know thanks hun! Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. Have a great weekend. #sharewithme

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