Thirst Aid Moments

Sickness and diarrhoea can be hard work to deal with at the best of times but these things are normally sent to try us and happen at the most challenging times. Anyone out there had a poorly child whilst flying or on a long car journey, or perhaps Christmas Day or after there has been a new addition to the family?

Toddlers can suffer from sickness and diarrhoea two to three times a year, and it certainly pays to be prepared. I’m certainly a be prepared for anything kind of person. My family used to joke that I had something in the cupboard to fix anything. I think I picked that up from my Grandmother, who always seemed to have a little stash of things to deal with most scenarios.

As a child, I remember our medical supplies were kept in a cupboard high up in the bathroom. As I got older I learnt how to open the cupboard and I used to like sorting the cupboard out. I remember these little white sachets with purple writing on them. They were Dioralyte sachets, and the brand is still going strong today.

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Dioralyte is the number one selling rehydration therapy. It is clinically proven to treat dehydration faster and more effectively than plain water, fruit juice or fizzy drinks. Dioralyte contains essential electrolytes (mineral salts) and works by replacing fluids and body salts lost as a result of acute diarrhoea.

Dioralyte comes in three different flavours:
• Blackcurrant
• Citrus
• Natural

Dioralyte is suitable from 3 months but always read the label and seek advice from your GP or pharmacist if unsure. Children, especially small children, can deteriorate very rapidly, so it pays to act fast in these situations. Children’s diarrhoea also spreads quickly so:

  • Keep your kids off school until 48 hours after their last bout of diarrhoea or vomiting, even if they seem better.
  • Make sure they wash their hands thoroughly after using the toilet, and before meals
  • Don’t forget to wash your own hands too.
  • Keep the ‘sick-room’ and bathrooms clean and disinfected.
  • Avoid other people using the sick person’s towels, flannels, cutlery or utensils.

You can give them Dioralyte™ or Dioralyte™ Relief, as soon as their diarrhoea starts, to help them rehydrate and start feeling better. You can find out more about the range and which product is right for you here.

Have you ever had a ‘Thirst Aid Moment’? A moment when a family member has required re-hydrating due to illness? Have you ever used Dioralyte to help with this? We’ve had a few situations whilst travelling before which are always a challenge to deal with. Probably one of the most spectacular episodes however was not long after our youngest little man had arrived. One very long night consisted of a newborn that was being breastfed through the night, one child being sick, one child with diarrhoea and the other wondering what on earth all the noise was about. The following day consisted of lots of Dioralyte, drinks and movies…oh and of course about four loads of washing too!

  • It’s important to rehydrate from the first signs of illness so it can be helpful to have the Dioralyte family on hand to help
  • Dehydration is the loss of water and electrolytes (mineral salts)
  • The Dioralyte family includes Dioralyte, Dioralyte Relief and Oralyte
  • Dioralyte provides the right balance of mineral salts and water to combat dehydration and rehydrates better than plain water, fruit juice or fizzy drinks
  • Dioralyte Relief includes rice powders to reduce symptoms of diarrhoea as well also being formulated to hydrate better than plain water, fruit juice or fizzy drinks
  • Oral rehydration salts are recommended as good sources of rehydration in guidelines
  • Even mild dehydration (about 2% loss in bodyweight) can cause a lack of concentration in the short-term, headaches and reduced mental capability
  • Oralyte is a ready-mix rehydration drink formulated to hydrate better and faster than sugary fizzy drinks, undiluted juices and water

We would love you to share your ‘Thirst Aid Moment’ with us in a comment below – in return for doing this you will be entered into our fantastic competition to win a family mini break (2 x adults, 2 x children) to Legoland Windsor, including centrally located hotel accommodation for one night and tickets to Legoland.

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  1. Eldest been dehydrated a few times due to illness and using dioralyte has helped give him a boost much quicker

  2. I too keep my medicine cabinet topped up, I am thankful most for when we travelled to Nigeria to visit family and my 2 year old daughter fell ill with diarrhoea. I noticed quickly and out came the Dioralyte Relief, perfect along with the hot weather. As it’s available to buy there too I was able to refill my own stash.

  3. My husband had the flu which started during our family holiday to Spain. It was so hot and he was so poorly. That was definitely a Thirst Aid Moment.

  4. Earlier this year our toddler was really quite poorly in hospital for a week, and for many days he didn’t have anything to eat or drink at all, he finally started drinking and we gave him the blackcurrant Dioralyte, it was such a relief to finally get some fluid down him, and knowing it was helping him more than plain water was such a relief! I think the blackcurrant flavour helped encourage him as well as he only ever drank water before that, and he loves berries! I will remember being up all night mixing the sachets and being so relieved when he took them, knowing he was starting to get better – he stayed on them for at least a week after that! We have always kept a supply in the medicine box since then for when we are ill, it’s amazing how much dehydration in sickness can affect you.

  5. A couple of months ago, my 4 year old didn’t eat or drink for 10 days. It was hideous. The doctor told me to use dioralyte, and it was a miracle!

  6. My children unfortunately got bad Sickness and Diarrhoea very close together for the last 2 years and a good friend told me about Dioralyte which helped so much. So when my husband got Food Poisoning in the middle of the night earlier this year I knew that I had the box of Dioarlyte in my Medicine Cabinet still and it helped him so much too.

  7. My daughter was sick not long ago. I had stashed some Dioralyte cartons in the cupboard. Perfect size for them to sip slowly. I also use flat lemonade to rehydrate.

  8. quickly and we see the effects right away-gives our sick kids a sparkle back in their eye as they begin to feel better…and I love the fact that it comes in kid friendly flavours!The last time my daughter had a dodgy belly and was in no mood to eat or drink, it was the Blackcurrant Dioralyte that helped her get back to her usual lively self.

  9. I have Dioralyte in my cupboard and have used it in the past. My daughter had really bad sickness and diorrhea just before she was due to go on a school trip to France. She had been so looking forward to it and was told that if she hadn’t been free from symptoms for 24 hours before she wouldn’t be able to go – I used Dioralyte and she was right as rain and ready to go on her trip! One very happy daughter and parents (who had a sneaky weekend away!)

  10. My son had a particularly bad stomach bug just before he turned 2, it was terrifying seeing him be sick all the time, and went on for a full week. The doctor prescribed us some dioralyte and it was really reassuring to know that he was still getting what he needed to keep him hydrated.

    My husband caught it a week later, the night before we moved house! Luckily I knew what to give him to help him recover.

  11. We had a Thirst Aid moment a few months back when my 5 year old had sickness and diarrhoea – she was so weak and fed up, poor little thing, but a course of Dioralyte soon sorted her out. The problem then was occupying her until the 48 hours was up and it was safe to have play dates again! 🙂

  12. Our Thirst Aid moment came after the twins spent too long out in the sun on school sports day and came down with high temperatures and a sickness bug. Thankfully it only lasted a few days but Dioralyte was our saviour over that period.

  13. We always keep dioralyte in stock, so handy to know even when they are getting something to perk them up a bit

  14. I recently adopted two littlies and we had a night just after they moved in when my son had D and V all night long. It was terrifying and we didn’t know what to do – thankfully we had some dioralyte in the cupboard from a previous sickness with my husband, so we gave it to him in the morning, and he perked up no end! It was a real life saver for a very new mummy and daddy!!

  15. We have had many thirst aid moments with our daughter. The last time she was very unwell with a virus and we struggled to get her to eat or drink anything. The dioralyte helped to keep her hydrated. We keep it in the cupboard at all times now.

  16. My husband and two young sons all came down with a nasty stomach bug while we were camping in France last year. Being sick and hot tents is not a good combination so I really wish we had known about Thirst Aid then. It was lucky that I wasn’t struck down so at least I could make the constant trips to the wash block to refill water bottles and put more laundry on. Not a holiday experience I want to repeat, but will make sure we take Thirst Aid on future trips just in case!

  17. When we went to France last year we all got very poorly and we were all struggling to eat or drink luckily I had some Dioralyte which helped us all stay hydrated

  18. my daughter (age 7) had a sickness bug which made her so dehydrated she ended up in hospital on a drip but they also gave her blackcurrant Dioralyte which she liked thankgod – within hours she stopped been sick and started to get her colour back and because we have the sickness big at least twice a year I asked the nurse if we could take a box home with us 🙂 so we now have backup 🙂

  19. my son had a really bad sickness and diarrhoea bug for a few days and couldn’t keep anything down so we had to take to hospital. They gave us a syringe to give the dioralyte and kept in the fridge and was the only my son would have it and gradually he got better.

  20. We had a terrible case of the rota virus when my little one just turned one.
    I know that using dioralyte so quickly helped to keep her out of hospital and recovered quickly.
    Horrible seeing them so I’ll but they do bounce back quickly.

  21. I always have these in our medicine cabinate as I think they are great for the family. I suffer from Crohns and during flare ups I become very dehyrated so I take these.

  22. I have been prescribed dioralyte in the past for both my boys from the doctors when they have been unwell with sickness and/or diarrhoea. My eldest was hospitalised with Rotavirus when he was 8 months old. His immune system was really weak after having Bronchiolitis as a newborn baby and dioralyte helped him recover. I have also bought this from the chemist when they have had little bugs at home where they have needed a little help to shift it and get well again. They all like different flavours, so we keep the medicine cupboard stocked up.

  23. I’ve have always kept and still keep dioralyte in the first aid box since my youngest become ill when he was admitted to hospital for a week after dyhration and high fevers when he was 18months old

  24. we always have a box of blackcurrant dioralyte. 3 boys, 2 at school, 1 at nursery and a lot of bugs in winter unfortunately

  25. I was really poorly sick when I had chickenpox (when I was one) and ended up badly dehydrated. My Thirst Aid Moment was when I projectile vomited across the kitchen floor and pooed myself at the same time while my mummy was on the phone to the doctors. The 111 operator told my mummy to give me Dioralyte. We’ve been using it ever since to help when we are sick. 🙂 A firm medicine cabinet addition. #TriedTested A really informative post.

  26. I had a Thirst Aid moment when I was pregnant around 18 weeks I was being sick morning, noon and night. Couldn’t eat or drink anything, even the smell of food cooking had me running to the bathroom.
    My doctor did a home visit and recommended Dioralyte.
    I was back to eatting everything I craved in 48 hours. 🙂

  27. When my eldest son was about 16 months he went through a whole month where whatever practiacally everything he ate went straight through him. It was a horrible time, but the doctor gave us Dioralyte to get us through it. It really made me feel better knowing that even though he was sick, the Dioralyte was rehydrating him and helping him feel a bit better. Plus it was his favourite flavour blackcurrant.

  28. I took by daughter to a ridiculously hot Glastonbury when she was just a baby. Although we stayed in the shade she overheated and I ended up in an overcrowded first aid tent with lots of very interesting characters. I was in a bit of a state as I was on my own and all I was thinking was of my mother saying ‘what on earth are you doing taking a baby to Glastonbury!’ She was fine in the end but a very nice lady suggested Diorolyte to me them. Not the easiest thing to find at a festival though. Always pack it in our first aid kit now. ?

  29. We have had many of these Thirst Aid moments with our daughter as she is constantly getting tonsillitis, it’s so useful to have Dioralyte in stock in the cupboard on hand when she needs it 🙂

  30. my little boy had an awful sickness bug, which made him very sick we ended up in hospital, he was only 18months and he wouldnt drink anything, so he became very dehydrated and had febrile converstions (very very scary) they gave him some ‘thirst aid’ in a syringe every five minutes, which helped to hydrate him! it worked so well, and within 24 hours he was back to his normal bouncy self 🙂

  31. Last year my son came home from nursery with a tummy bug and pretty soon all of us had caught it. Diralyte was a life saver allowing us to get better while looking after him too.

  32. Don’t worry
    If you get sick
    Or dehydrated a
    Remedy is
    Always on hand
    Look in my cupboard and
    You will find it
    Thirst aid emergency for
    Everyone – Dioralyte!

    We are huge fans in this house and is helped every member of our family from hydrating my very poorly son in hospital with a chest infection to my Disabled mother who really struggles to eat. Thank you!

  33. Me and the now hubby decided to go on a ‘baby moon’ when decided we wanted children, one last long haul, amazing holiday before kids popped onto the scene. We went on a Safari. It was amazing! However I got very very bad sunstroke, I couldn’t eat or drink much, I lived on this for about 4 days before giving in and seeing a dr. I ended up on a drip, in Kenya of all places. If it hadn’t had been for diarolyte I wouldn’t have had anything for 4 days and for that I was so grateful. We always have it in the house and ALWAYS take it on holiday although I’ve only ever had the blackcurrant, never seen the others.

  34. I always keep Dioralyte sachets in the press. If one of the kids gets a tummy bug I have them drink it. I know it has saved them from getting dehydrated & their essential sugars & salts get replaced. This an amazing giveaway, we’d love to go to Legoland, thanks for the opportunity 🙂 #bigfatlinky x

  35. When my son was a baby he came down with a sickness bug but being a baby/ toddler took it much harder than us adults. He became so poorly we actually took him to frendoc at the local hospital at about 10pm at night. They recommended dioralyte and gave us some sachets to help. As a first time parent at the time I had never heard of it and didnt know how this little sachet was going to help my little boy, but my gosh it did! I felt so much better knowing he was on the mend and getting all he needed through his drink whilst he recovered!

    I know always keep some sachets in my medicine cupboard and recommend it to any parents I meet!!


  36. My little man has been unfortunate enough to have Gastroenteritis twice! He was really poorly. Dioralyte Relief and water were the only things that prevented him be hospitalised

  37. Last year we had the sickness bug in our house, where there was someone who was being sick for over two weeks. If it wasn’t one boy it was the other, they were weak and tired. I always keep Dirolyte in the cupboard and after a few drinks they were on the mend

  38. My husband has always used the Blackcurrant Dirolyte after he plays a badminton or tennis match. I was always sceptical until after a bout of illness I tried some and was surprised how improved I felt. I now use it for my Thirst Aid Moments – however my husband is now concerned that we might run out – so they are always on the shopping list!

  39. Dirolyte is great for taking on holidays and can be used from anything from a stomach upset and adults can use it if they are feeling a bit hungover after a night out

  40. Delhi belly, spanish spasms, Greek guts or just generally at home poorliness dirolyte is fab for all the family. It has saved our family many a time from total thirst aid moments. A flavour to keep all the family happy.

  41. Dioralyte has come in so handy when on holiday in Egypt after a case of dodgy tum – instantly makes you feel better

  42. We have it stocked in cupboard and a must have for the first aid kit for holidays. Also useful for the older children when they have been involved in freshers week and need to rebalance their electrolytes

  43. Sounds a bit bad but if I have been on a night out and feel worse for wear the next day I have some dioralyte and it makes me feel heaps better.

  44. Last Summer (the one really hot day we had!) My son was loving it, tearing around the garden, playing in the paddling pool and eating too much icecream – outcome, he was unwell and a friend had a sachet Dioralyte with her in her first aid kit. First time I’d used it – good stuff, seemed to do the trick!

  45. Good luck everyone. We went and had a great day but the weather was horrendous. We will def be going back. thanks for linking up #bigfatlinky

  46. We were visiting my hubby’s family in Scotland about 8 years We had driven up there from London. Unfortunately our DD who was 3 at the time had sickness & diarrhoea whilst we were there. My Mother in law recommended Dioralyte & luckily had some in her bathroom cabinet. I’ve kept a packet in our bathroom cabinet ever since

  47. My LO suffered from toddler diahorrea for many many months and would get very dehydrated during the day, nursery recommended dioralyte to us as a way of settling her and ensuring she could retain enough liquid in the evenings. A year on and she still suffers occasionally but much less so

  48. I took a stash of Dioralyte when we went to India as a family. I was sure that the children would get poorly stomachs. They were fine, thankfully. But I was the unlucky one who went down with Delhi Belly.

  49. When my daughter was a few months old, she had a stomach bug. She was restless, so I took her in bed to feed her. She proceeded to vomit all over me. My husband was laughing as I stripped the bed and cleaned myself off. I ended up getting the last laugh when she vomited on him. Twice. It was definitely a thirst aid moment, especially because my husband and I both ended up catching the bug as well.

  50. Our thirst aid moment was on holiday last year when the whole family was ill at the same time with D&V. Thank goodness we ensured we packed diaoralyte in our luggage! Arter a rough couple of days, we were soon all on the mend and able to enjoy our holiday again.

  51. Our Thirst Aid moment was the first time my daughter had a tummy bug – a new experience for me. Numerous pyjama and bedding changes in the night and a very poorly girl who didn’t want to eat or drink anything for the next couple of days. Luckily I managed to get some Diaoralyte down her (recommended by my lovely Mum!) and she was soon on the mend.

  52. I always take Dioralyte on holidays abroad and thank goodness I have as I have had a number of Thirst Aid moments. I was very ill in Egypt and was sailing on a boat on the Nile with no loo so having had a very bad time with diarrhoea (showing my bare bottom!) on the banks of the Nile (overlooked by a river cruise liner!!) I was saved from being very ill by Dioralyte. My children at various times have also been rescued by it.

  53. Have been using Dioralyte for 20 yrs now, daughter suffered with tonsillitis as does son now but he also gets sick when he is stressed as he has ASD and the quickest and best way of getting them back on their feet is these wonderful little sachets (they go everywhere with us x

  54. Dioralyte Relief is a must for our family whether at home or away
    A dodgy tum or rotten bum is no good for family time play!
    Our holiday was becoming more of a sick cleaning, bum wiping existence
    Dioralyte brought us all back to life -essential holiday assistance!
    It revived in me the explorer and adventure loving girl
    No more sitting indoors cleaning up hurl!
    Dioralyte make sick and poo in my nails a thing of the past
    Take us to Legoland-PLEASE take us fast!

  55. My Grandma recommended Dioralyte to me when my twinnies were poorly and would not eat/drink. Brilliant quick fix! They love ‘Grandma’s magic drink’ when they’re poorly. Twintastic Thirst Aid Moment!

  56. My Thirst Aid Moment was when I had really bad pregnancy sickness that caused me to become very dehydrated. Dioralyte SAVED me. I’d never heard of it before, but the chemist recommended it, and now I have it whenever I’ve been really sick. It will always be in my cupboard!!

  57. I play football regularly, and on a hot summers day when I had been playing for 45 minutes, I realised I was starting to get dizzy and that it was a Thirst Aid Moment!!! It’s hard to forget these things when you’re busy!

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