An open letter to the hospital porter

hospital stay

Dear hospital porter, No one likes going to stay in hospital, and as a parent it’s always a million times worse when you are there because your child is ill. It’s a stressful, upsetting and unnerving time for a parent, so random acts of kindness go a long way. Now clearly I’m eternally grateful to […]

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Do you need to think about home care?

patch adams

None of us like to think about getting older and needing support, or even having something happen that means we require continual support, or a member of our family does. Nevertheless, things happen and we can find ourselves in these situations, trying to navigate a range of services and possibilities, sometimes with little prior knowledge […]

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Thirst Aid Moments

Sickness and diarrhoea can be hard work to deal with at the best of times but these things are normally sent to try us and happen at the most challenging times. Anyone out there had a poorly child whilst flying or on a long car journey, or perhaps Christmas Day or after there has been a […]

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