Tips For Repairing Your Child’s Toys

When your child breaks their toys, chances are they’re going to be upset. You may feel inclined to buy a replacement toy, however, this may not always be necessary. There’s always a chance that you could repair the toy.

Below, you can find some tips that can help even an amateur DIYer repair child’s toys.

Assess The Damage

One of the first things you need to do is to assess the damage. Depending on the toy in question and the damage sustained, the repair could be an easy one. Please do not try to repair any electronic toys as you could hurt yourself or your child.

If the damage is something as simple as a crack in plastic casing or wood, a repair could be easy. There are plenty of tips and tricks to fix your stuff around. Just make sure you have the right tools before you make a start. Top tip – a hot glue gun is a great investment as a parent!

Gathering Tools Together

The tools that you need will depend on the toy in question and the damage it has sustained. Some toys will be very easy to repair, whereas others will be a little more difficult.

Please make sure that you only ever repair a toy if you’re confident enough to do it. Toys that are full of electronics or plastic toys can be difficult to repair. If you cannot repair them yourself, it’s worth asking for help.

Gather together all of the tools that you need before you begin the repairs. When you organise yourself in this way, you’re more likely to complete the task quickly.

Repairing  Wooden Toys

If your child’s toy is wooden, you could repair it with some adhesive, and even a little wood. For example, if a wooden toy has a hole in it, you could:

  • File the area down to remove any splinters
  • Put some wood glue in the hole
  • Insert a new piece of wood into the hole
  • Remove any excess glue
  • Keep the wood in place by holding it or weighing it down
  • Once the glue has dried, check your repair and remove any splinters

Please make sure that you only give the toy back to your child once it has been thoroughly  repaired.

Repairing Plastic Toys

Plastic toys can be hard to repair. Some plastics shatter whereas others may simply crack.

If the toy has cracked there’s always a chance that you could glue it back together. Just make sure that you use the right type of glue or adhesive. Failure to do so could result in the plastic distorting.

If the plastic has shattered and you can find all of the pieces, you could stick them back together. If there are a few pieces missing, you may not be able to do the repair.

When a repair is possible, please make sure you leave the adhesive to dry before you let your child play with the toy again.

Repairing Toys Made From Fabric

Toys that are made from fabric tend to be the easiest to repair.

If there’s a small tear in the fabric, sewing it up could be the answer.

When there’s a large tear, it might be worth replacing the fabric. Try to source the same fabric or one that has a similar pattern and texture. Be sure to use the right size needles and thread so the completed repair looks good.

Keeping Costs Down

Repairing your child’s toys can help to keep costs down. These days, We are all trying to save some money. Repairing toys rather than replacing them can help with this.

Sometimes damaged toys don’t need to be repaired at all. A little damage can be OK. Ask your child whether they want their toy to be repaired. You can also give them the option to keep playing with their toy even though it’s slightly damaged. They may be happy with this.

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