Tired little legs

Sometimes little legs will run and run and never seem to get tired. Some days we can be out all day with the children and they can walk miles and still not seem tired.

Other days they will be running around all day in the garden, bouncing on the trampoline and chasing one another and those little legs just keep on going and going and you wonder WHY they aren’t tired yet!

Then there are the other days, the days when you expect those little legs to run forever and actually what happens is they go on strike, full on strike.

Not only that…all little legs go on strike the same day. It’s like it’s contagious or something. It is really, have you ever seen someone yawn and then not be able to help but follow their yawn with a massive yawn of your own?

The strike days can mean that we can be out scooting and just as we reach the furthest point from the car they decide they can’t scoot or walk any more.

tired legs

“Mummy, no more scooter, you carry it”

“Mummy…pick me up”

So you find yourself trying to carry multiple children, multiple scooters and then wait for it…

“Mummy, you carry my helmet” – and of course this is no problem at all is it because everyone knows we have 20 arms to carry all these things.

little legs

Sometimes you have to resort to every trick in the book to get them to walk even a few steps more on their own. Don’t underestimate each step either as every step they walk is one less you need to carry them for.

So we have races…we have challenges…we play chase the scooter…we play who can run really fast to that next bin/daisy/sign…and so it continues…anything to not end up like a pack horse for at least some of the way!

This day they managed to each carry their helmets…a whole 100 meters!


If someone spots a plane in the sky it slows things down a little, so it’s easier if you see something in the distance they can run to. We saw a train on the the scoot/walk/plod so that meant they ran towards that for a couple of minutes.

The next day of course they were like energiser bunnies!

How do you keep little legs going to avoid carrying everything and everyone?


  1. We used to have a special tree which we used to say hello to and hug. This provided a distraction from tired legs.

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