Toasting Marshmallows Around the Fire

One of the things we’ve loved doing this summer was toasting marshmallows around a fire. The little boys actually did this in forest school last academic year as well, which they thought was brilliant, but it’s also something we enjoy doing at home. It’s also a fun thing to do when their friends come over.

We’ve made a fire pit in the garden, but you really don’t need anything like that to still have all the fun. You can use a chimenea, or even a small disposable BBQ.

With our firepit, I dug out a circle of soil and lined it with stones from the garden. We then built a small fire in the centre for the children to toast their marshmallows on.

We do love the giant American marshmallows you can get, but we tend to find the smaller ones work much better, in that they melt more easily and are a better consistency.

You can of course get even more fancy and make smores. When we have done this in the past I put cookies, Nutella and marshmallows on a tray for the children to build their perfect smores.

We like the fire products from White Horse Energy for our perfect marshmallow-toasting fire pit. We use one of their eco blaze firelighters – these are an absolute bargain at £15.00 a box as you get 200 of them, some of their kindling strips (which we use on our log burner in the winter too) and then a couple of kiln-dried boxed firewood logs – this is plenty for marshmallow toasting.

Although we love doing this in the summer, you can toast marshmallows all year round, it’s just a bit trickier on a wet day, that’s all.

Grab a discount

If you fancy having a go and need a few products for your fire White Horse Energy have you covered – They are the UK’s largest supplier of firewood and briquettes. If you want to make a saving on your purchases, just enter mummyfever1 at the checkout to get 5% off your basket.

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