Go bubble crazy this Easter


I recently wrote about the benefits of bubble play – do your children like bubbles? All of my children have always loved them and found them rather captivating. They love all bubbles, from the tiny pots you get in party bags to the giant bubbles you see professional entertainers creating at festivals. There is just something […]

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Six ideas for UK breaks with a family


Holidays are a great way to spend time together as a family, but it isn’t always practical to head off to some far flung destination, never mind affordable for many people. If you accept that the weather could be doing pretty much anything and not let it affect you, there are plenty of lovely places […]

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Choosing a scooter

We love scooters in our house and were out on them this weekend as the weather was lovely. Cold but clear skies and sunny, just lovely. We have always been big fans of the micro scooters range as they are so durable and suitable for the entire family. My biggest boy will be 7 soon […]

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