10 Low-Cost Summer Toys for Kids That Will Keep Them Entertained for Hours

Summer is here, and it’s time to get your kids outdoors and active. If you’re looking for budget-friendly ways to keep them entertained and occupied, you’re in luck! I’ve compiled a list of 10 low-cost summer toys that will provide endless fun and excitement without breaking the bank. From water play to outdoor games, these affordable options are sure to make this summer one to remember for your little ones.

Water Balloons:

Water balloon fights are a classic summer activity that never gets old. These inexpensive bundles of joy can provide hours of laughter and refreshing fun. Get a pack of water balloons and let the splashy battle begin!

Bubble Blowers:

Kids love bubbles, and a simple bubble blower can provide endless entertainment. You can find affordable bubble wands or bubble machines that produce a continuous stream of bubbles for your little ones to chase and pop.

Outdoor Chalk:

Unleash your child’s creativity with a pack of colourful outdoor chalk. They can create masterpieces on the driveway or patio, and it easily washes away with water. Encourage them to draw hopscotch squares or create their own outdoor games.

DIY Slip and Slide:

Transform your garden into a water park with a DIY slip and slide. All you need is a tarp, a hose, and some dish soap. Lay the tarp on a gentle slope, add water and soap, and watch as your kids slide and glide their way to summer fun.

Hula Hoops:

Kids hula hoops are a versatile and affordable toy that can be used in various ways. Kids can practice their hula hooping skills, create obstacle courses, or use them as targets for outdoor games. They’re lightweight, easy to store, and provide hours of active play. Challenge them to see how long they can keep going for, perhaps they can beat their personal best each time they hula!

Flying Discs:

A flying disc, commonly known as a Frisbee, is a classic outdoor toy that is both inexpensive and fun. Kids can toss it around with friends or challenge themselves with distance and accuracy games. Look for lightweight discs that are suitable for young children.

Beach Ball:

Bring the beach to your backyard or garden with an inflatable beach ball. These colourful balls are perfect for outdoor games like volleyball, catch, or even just bouncing around. They’re easy to inflate and deflate, making them a great option for beach trips too.

Water Guns:

Get ready for some water warfare with affordable water guns. These toys are perfect for hot summer days and can provide hours of excitement. Engage in water battles with your kids or set up targets for them to practice their aim. Out children absolutely LOVE water fights. As soon as the sun comes out that’s what they want to be doing.


Take advantage of the windy summer days with a simple kite. Flying a kite can be a thrilling experience for kids as they see their creation soar high in the sky. Look for lightweight and easy-to-assemble kites that are suitable for beginners.

Nature Exploration Kit:

Encourage your kids to explore the great outdoors with a nature exploration kit. This can include items like a magnifying glass, a bug-catching net, a small shovel, and a container for collecting interesting finds. It’s a great way to foster their curiosity about the natural world around them.

Final thoughts:

Summer doesn’t have to be an expensive affair when it comes to keeping your kids entertained. With these 10 low-cost summer toys, you can provide your children with endless hours of fun and excitement without straining your budget. From water play to outdoor games and creative activities, these toys will keep them active, engaged, and happy throughout the summer months. So, get ready to make memories and enjoy the sunny season with your little ones!

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