School Summer Holidays: STOP spending a fortune

I’m pretty sure children do not need to go to the zoo on Monday, go-karting on Tuesday, Alton Towers on Wednesday, a water park on Thursday, the cinema on Friday, the trampoline park on Saturday and bowling on Sunday – is it me? Or is this a little excessive? Lots of parents could only afford to do one of these things a month, so showcasing this as a ‘standard week’ in the holidays is a little unfair I think.

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Summer Fun with the Kids

hang tough

With the kids off school for six weeks, do you know how to keep them entertained throughout summer? Here we discuss how to beat your children’s boredom. “Mummy I’m bored.” “There’s nothing to do.” “I’m bored!” “MUM!” Sound familiar? If you are the parent of a child on their summer holidays, the chances are that […]

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Choosing travel insurance

do i need travel insurance

Why have holiday insurance? Insurance is one of those really annoying things. If we don’t get it, we need it and if we do get it we more than likely won’t need it. I totally appreciate why people choose not to take out travel insurance BUT I also think that when you are travelling with […]

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