Upgrading to a MPV: why now could be the best time

As your babies start to grow into toddlers and then older children, your needs will change. Take cars, for example. At first, you might have been fine with driving around in a small hatchback, but, as you have more children, you’ll soon run out of space.

You will then need to get a bigger car more suitable to your needs. A MPV or people carrier is often the family car of choice for most parents. They offer vast amounts of cabin space, and some models can seat up to eight passengers.

If you’re thinking of making an upgrade, you might be wondering when is the best time to do so. This is why sooner rather than later might be better!

choosing an MPV

You want a “future-proof” car today

We all know how fast children grow up! You might have fond memories of holding your newborn at the hospital. Yet, it seems like at the blink of an eye they’ve turned into toddlers!

We rely on our cars for commuting, shopping and, of course, transporting our children to and from various places. It can often take time to browse cars for sale and settle on a model to buy, so don’t leave it too late.

That’s why you might want to upgrade to a people carrier or MPV sooner rather than later. By doing that, you won’t end up panicking when you need to go on a road trip with them somewhere!


You want to sell your existing car for the highest price

As you already have a car, you will no doubt be keen to sell it and use the money towards your new MPV. Many of us will use AutoTrader to sell our vehicles at the best possible prices.

The thing is: the longer you leave it, the less money you’ll get for your car, and you know what that means? You’ll have to save more cash towards your new chariot!


You hope to take advantage of dealership sales offers

Every so often you will find your local car dealer has a sales promotion running. They do them because they want to sell old stock and get in other models to take their places. This is where you can benefit from the opportunity!

There’s no point buying a people carrier if you don’t time it right. The last thing you want to do is spend more money than you need to when you get a car. Especially when it comes to people carriers.

If you plan to lease your next car, watch out for deals offered by leasing companies too!

choosing an MPV

You’re spending too much money on fuel

When you have a baby in tow, you’ll have to carry all kinds of stuff on your car journeys with them. First of all, there is their car seat. Most parents leave them in their cars because they’re such a pain to remove and refit a lot of the time!

The boot will no doubt have their pram, changing bag and some spare clothes and nappies for them, and then you will have your bits and bobs in the car, such as a coat, bag, maybe even a box or two! When you go shopping, the weight of your car will increase with your groceries.

When you make a car heavier, you cause it to use more fuel. Do you find that you’re spending too much money on petrol or diesel these days? If so, upgrading to a people carrier will help. How? Well, they will have engines that better suit your needs.

A larger diesel engine in an MPV is better than a small petrol unit in a smaller car. The bigger, higher-efficiency engine won’t need to work so hard. That means it can reduce your fuel usage and, of course, your costs.


Long car journeys make you ache

Your small hatchback might be fine for short journeys into the city or around town, but, when you’re driving several hundred miles, you could have unbearable journeys!

The one thing I like about people carriers is they offer plenty of space and comfort. Even basic models are better than high-end hatchbacks. Many parents rack up the miles each week. Especially when trips to the in-laws and other family become a regular thing.

All you need to do now is choose the right people carrier for your needs and you’re all set. Check out our reviews of large family cars for some tips! Good luck!


  1. It might be worth leasing a car rather than buying one. My friend does this, when her family were growing it was really handy as she could renew her car every say 3 or 4 years, which meant she could change her car according to her family growing. lol
    Worth mentioning she is a single mum, after a divorce which left her with a bad credit score – she managed to get a lease through CVS who lease cars to people with a bad credit score. Its a family business, they were really helpful and not pushy in the least. Definately worth considering! Here is a link – https://www.cvsltd.co.uk/bad-credit-and-car-leasing/

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