Vaping During Pregnancy – All That You Need to Know

Today, the habit of vaping has become very popular, especially among youths. A big number of smokers have also switched to vaping now that it is considered to have fewer health impacts. Notably, mothers have joined the bandwagon to ‘enjoy’ the experience of vaping.

But according to doctors, there is a major concern when it comes to pregnancy. Health experts have warned women that it is not safe to vape when you are pregnant and lactating. But once this period is over, you can go back to it. Of course – that doesn’t mean they are advocating smoking either!

The Danger of Vaping When Pregnant

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Depending on what you are using, vaping delivers nicotine, THC, and other toxins into the body of the user. As such, vaping marijuana or other e-juices is highly discouraged for pregnant mothers. Again, the vapor, which is like smoke in cigarettes, contains allergens which might interfere with the body of a pregnant woman. Why would you take that risk?

Due to the changes in hormones, there could be numerous reactions caused by the chemical compounds in the vape. When your time comes to resume, if that’s your choice, all you need is to find more about starter kits from a reliable website and get started.

Just to understand the level of damage you are exposing your body to, let us look at the health effects of vaping on the mother and the fetus.

It might damage the brain of the fetus – Pregnancy is very delicate and the fetus requires the best environment to lay a strong foundation. Vaping has a high chance of damaging the brain of the developing baby. It is associated with brain damage in babies, which affects them for the rest of their lives. Of course, any woman wants to protect their unborn babies from danger.

Exposure to toxins – There is a myth that vapes are safe, and this encourages pregnant women to do it. But just like cigarettes, vapes contain toxins that expose both the mother and her unborn child to numerous illnesses.

Photo by from Pexels

Allergy – Vaping has a higher probability of triggering allergic reactions in pregnant women. If you are asthmatic, this is the time to keep the vaping device aside and focus on improving your health for the sake of the baby. Otherwise, your body might end up becoming too weak to hold the baby.

Possible cause of miscarriage – Doctors associate miscarriage with many factors, including vaping and smoking. As such, it is better to quit and focus on taking care of your pregnancy until the end.

It promotes irresponsible behaviour – Chain vapers might focus all of their finances on vaping rather than preparing for the arrival of the baby. Studies have shown that vaping new vape devices and e-juice is costly and many people have to compromise other things to buy them.


As a pregnant woman, there are many good reasons why you should stay away from vaping. The vape industry will not tell you this since they want to make as much money as possible. However, you should see it as an opportunity to promote your health and that of the fetus.

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