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Which wine?

Are you into your wines? Do you know your French wine from your Italian wine? Do you like a particular type of wine or do you have a preference for red, white or rose? Or are you more of a whatever is on offer kind of person?

Do you know what a bottle of wine labelled Aglianico or Tannat might be like? What about your knowledge of the history of wine?  Do you need a whistle stop tour?

I was raised by two wine lovers, but my parents have always been big lovers of French wine, with very little else making an appearance. I have diversified my palette somewhat, much to my dads annoyance and my own preference is for New Zealand white. With red wine, I’m a little less fussy and can handle most French, Spanish and South American reds. Having said that, I am not a big drinker at all, and years of being pregnant and breastfeeding has meant I have drunk very little wine over the last ten years.


There are two great new books out which would be super for any wine lover, or equally someone wanted to learn more about wine. These are both by Oz Clarke, Britain’s most popular wine writer. One of the books is called The History of wine in 100 Bottles, which is literally a quick history of wine, that you could read either cover to cover or dip in and out of as you choose. This is a lively yet informative read that will reel you in from the start.

The second book, Grapes & Wines is one of those books that is right at home on any wine lovers bookshelf – comprehensive and insightful. Perfect for finding out about those more obscure wines, as well as improving your knowledge of the wines you love.

These books would make a great gift, so worth bearing in mind if your are struggling with gift ideas this Christmas or for a birthday.

What is your favourite wine?

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