You asked for that

Do you ever have one of those moments when you can hear words coming out of your mouth and you can’t retract them fast enough?

I do this all the time with the children…sigh.

I’ve written before about the fussy eating toddler phase we are in at the moment. This means that if eating is going well I struggle to control my enthusiasm.

We’ve had a few empty bowls this last couple of weeks, through actually eating the food not throwing it on the floor…even better right?


Each time he’s been so proud of his empty bowl and showing it to me very enthusiastically.

The other day he was a bit slow to get started so I enthusiastically said “can you show me how you empty your bowl?”

Sure he could…bowl up, arm extended, turn wrist, food on floor, job done.

I totally asked for that!

Ever have these moments?

Life with Baby Kicks


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