10 Tips for Washing Baby’s Clothes

It is important to clean your baby boy and baby girl clothes properly. Here are a few tips to help you navigate this as a first time parent. Note that the tips shared in this piece are all about focusing on your baby’s skin, but do feel free to share your own tips below.

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1. Wash Before Use

It is important to wash your baby’s clothes before using them. Unless you have organic cotton, some clothes might come with harmful chemicals. You can simply get rid of the chemicals by just washing the new clothes. Your baby will also feel more comfortable when you clean the clothes before use as this softens the fibres in the fabrics.

2. Prepare The Clothes

Before you start using the clothes, you want to sort them in different colours. From there, it is good to secure the snaps, zippers, and some buttons. After doing all that, you need to ensure that the garments are all inside out. If you have the clothes ready, you will have a breeze trying to use them to dress your baby.

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3. Choose The Best Detergent

When picking a detergent, you want to make sure that it doesn’t hurt your baby’s skin. It is imperative to find out whether your baby has dry skin or not. That way, you will not struggle to pick what works best for his/her skin.

4. Dry after washing

There is nothing as good as drying your baby’s clothes right after washing them. Aside from ensuring your baby’s skin is not damaged, they will last long enough to help you save money. If you take care of clothes you can keep them for any other children, or pass them onto a friend or charity.

5. Protect the Colours

If you watch the colours, you can be sure that the clothes will look good, regardless of the frequency with which you wash the baby’s clothes. You can try adding a colour catching sheet to each wash.

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6. Don’t Squeeze Too Much

The problem with squeezing the clothes too much is that they will become very wrinkled, and then you may feel the need to iron them – with a new baby, you need to avoid ironing anything!

7. Treat the Clothes

Your baby is extremely precious. For this reason you should treat the clothes with the best products before using them on your little ones skin.

8. Keep the Clothes

After washing the clothes, keep them in the wardrobe or draws for at least one week before using them again. It allows the fibres to settle before they are worn and washed again.

9. Fold Them

Not so many people are aware that folding clothes are a part of taking good care of them, but if you fold them, you will notice that they are always in good shape for when you want to use them next.

Photo by Sarah Chai from Pexels

10. Know How to Remove the Stains

Stains are a real pain, they can be time consuming to get off and so many thing get left, which then makes the stain impossible to get off. Do your research and act fast when it comes to stains.

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