5 Skills you can Add to Your CV After Becoming a Mum

When you have a baby, you have many complex decisions to make around work and childcare and how these things are going to work together. Family finances, how you feel, you baby’s needs, childcare availability and cost, all come into play. The lack of flexibility in the workplace and childcare settings can make this choice even harder, forcing many women to consider remaining at home with their child and/or starting their own business.

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Another reason some women fell unable to return to work after maternity leave is due to a lack of confidence. One way to boost your confidence and raise your chances of landing a good job is by including (in your CV) some inherent skills that come with motherhood. I’ve highlighted some of these skills below.

1.      Time Management Skills

Mothers are time conscious. They are well aware of the value of time and often strive to ensure that jobs, including household chores, are completed before the deadline.

Like a meticulous soothsayer, mothers tend to scan their day ahead, arranging potential tasks based on their importance while also adopting measures to get them done. If all these sounds familiar to you, then kudos, you deserve an award for your time management skills.

That’s not all. You shouldn’t just celebrate yourself. You should also consider including this unique skill in your CV. Just think about all of those things you get done everyday.

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2.      Communication skills

Communication is an important skill. It is vital for any workplace position. In fact, based on a 2018 survey, 80% of company executives admit that excellent oral communication is essential. Not only does it help facilitate the exchange of information and ideas, but it also helps develop relationships with colleagues.

The truth is, you become a better communicator from being a mum. From giving clear instructions to your children to talking to their teachers, and health care professionals, you’ll communicate with many people. As a result, this will hone your communication skills—which is essential at work.

3.      Basic computer skills

The estimated value for the percentage of households with a minimum of one computer in the US is 92.9%. Based on this impressive statistic, It’s safe to assume the majority have a computer of some sort in the home. Basic computer skills like the following are often developed during motherhood.

  • Basic Microsoft world
  • Basic Microsoft Excel
  • Using web browsers
  • Minute taking
  • Emailing
  • Online researching
  • Typing
  • Creating presentations

It’s also essential you add these basic troubleshooting skills to your CV. Do you know how to fix a blinking folder with question mark on your MacBook? It’s a troubleshooting skill. The same with fixing the blue screen of death. All these are troubleshooting skills that can be categorised as basic computer skills. If you want to take it up a notch, you could also take an online Microsoft project training.

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4.      Negotiation skills

Your power of influence won’t work all the time. When it fails you, you can always fall back on your excellent negotiation skills.

All mothers are excellent negotiators, and we often see this when they are shopping for goods. Plus, they are pretty good at convincing people, thanks to their relationship with small children, who we know can be stubborn and often unreasonable. As such, when writing a CV next, ensure you add this skill.

5.      Financial management abilities

Why leverage financial management software when you have one of the best financial managers: Mothers!

Mothers have inherent financial management skills. As soon as you assume the position of a mother, your financial management skills kick in.

You might be forced to manage your household budget, especially when you are on maternity leave. Plus, as a mother, you need to show your children the value of money and how to hone their negotiation skills to get the best deal.

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Not all hard and soft skills are learnt; some are inherent. Mothers are lucky to have many inherent skills that can come in handy when writing their CVs.

If you are a mother, don’t let these skills go to waste. Include the necessary ones in your CV to compensate for the employment gap in your resume when you look for a new job. You grew, gave birth to and nurtured a tiny human – you can do anything!


  1. This is such a confidence booster! I am so worried about the 5 year employment gap I’ve had and probably more when I go back to work. But it’s true. I am so much better at time management, multitasking and negotiating.

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