6 steps to a ‘healthy’ pregnancy

Pregnancy for many, especially first time mothers, is a very special time in life. Special care needs to be taken so that you feel good in all aspects of your life.

The following 6 steps might help to ensure a healthy pregnancy:

1. Make Sure All Important Details Are Organised

Decide for yourself, far ahead of time the way in which you want to deliver your baby. Also, be prepared to be flexible. I wanted four water births, I got one. Have all emergency numbers to hand, practice the route to hospital, pack your bag etc. Get all the logistics out the way so you need not worry about these things at the time. Of course surprises may occur but nevertheless a strategic plan gives peace of mind.

2.  Eat Well

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It is important, not only for you, but the foetus as well, to eat well. This will promote less stress and irritability caused with products containing too  many simple carbohydrates and sugars. Of course, when you are craving a specific food – go for it! Obviously your body needs it. Studies have shown that a diet based on pure junk food has also been detrimental for your growing child making them more susceptible to obesity and diabetes later on in life, so do think about what you put in your mouth.

3. Supplements

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It is important during this time to feed your body the best nutrition and this often takes the form of supplements, just to give you a boost and make sure your body isn’t lacking anything important. In fact the best supplements to take whilst pregnant are supplements that include Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, Zinc, Iron and Folic Acid as well as Calcium.

The absolute star of supplements to take whilst pregnant has to be Omega-3 fatty acids. Research has actually confirmed that by ingesting healthy doses of EPA and DHA found inside Omega-3 fatty acids, positive effects on both the visual and cognitive development of the baby will be affected. There have also been studies which show that there has been a reduction of the risk of allergies in infants by taking high doses of Omega-3 during pregnancy.

Overall, Omega-3 fatty acids have really positive effects on the pregnancy itself. Take a look here at Research Verified reviews to learn about one of the best sources of top notch premium Omega-3 supplements.

4. Exercise

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A bit of exercise any time in your life is healthy, especially during pregnancy. Regular exercise during this period of your life can improve your posture and may decrease certain common discomforts such as fatigue and backaches. There is also evidence that getting in some exercise every day may prevent diabetes that may possibly develop during pregnancy (gestational diabetes).

Exercise will also relieve stress and build more stamina which you will need for both labor and delivery.

5. Meditation and relaxation

What is happening in your body at the moment is a miracle and it’s important to connect with your baby and to try and relax. Meditation can bring much calm into your life which is needed whilst pregnant. The calmer you are and the less anxiety you have, the smoother your pregnancy will be. Light some candles early in the morning, lay out a yoga mat, put on some calming zen music or any kind of music that brings peace to you and find a meditation that will soothe you. Hypno-birthing CDs and DVDs can also be very relaxing and help you to connect with your baby.

6. Healthy Relationships

It’s important right now to nurture relationships and be around good people with good energy that invigorates you. When your little one is born there won’t be too much time for hanging out with friends, so take advantage of this time. Also spend a healthy amount of time with your partner and share special moments together, even going on trips together. Once your baby is born all attention will be diverted to this little bundle of joy.

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Most importantly, just remember to enjoy this special time in your life – it passes by so fast.

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