9 Ways to Use Spotify to Ace Your Way Back to School

With the northern hemisphere’s summer holidays disappearing like a sunset over the beach, it’s time to face the facts: school is back in session. BUT! just because summer lovin’ is over doesn’t mean the streaming has to be: Spotify makes for a great study partner. This school year, double down on their history lessons via podcast, or they can easily share favourite tunes with classmates, or get serious about studying with the perfect playlist.

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Take a look at Spotify’s nine recommendations for some back-to-school streaming.

1. Podcasts for all occasions

Your children can continue learning outside the classroom with podcasts, and impress their teacher with their newfound knowledge of Greek mythology, or explore brand-new topics and wow the class. Click on “Podcasts” in the Spotify app and explore a wide range of them, including many Spotify Originals.

Once children are dropped off at school or college, parents can tune into a podcast on their way to work.

2. Parlez-vous français?

Are words failing you? If your children enjoyed summer so much they forgot their French (or Spanish, or German, or English), they can gain back those foreign-language skills, or prove that Latin isn’t dead, by listening to the language courses of your choosing via podcast during study hours. Maybe you’ve always wanted to learn a language? You can with Spotify.

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3. Listen offline

Don’t worry if the gym was built with cinder blocks and Wi-Fi there is decades away. With a Spotify Premium account, you can download your playlists before you hit the mats, then you can listen offline.

4. Share your favourite lists and songs with friends

Shakespeare said, “Neither a borrower nor a lender be,” but he didn’t know Spotify was going to be a thing. With Spotify Codes, you can easily add friends’ or family playlists and songs and share your own. Learn how it works here.

5. Create a shared playlist with your friends

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With a shared playlist, everyone with a Spotify account can contribute their favorite songs. This is not only fun in the moment, but it serves as a fantastic bit of nostalgia for years later, when you’re reminiscing on the songs you and your friends chose together. Learn how to make a shared playlist here.

6. Back to a normal bedtime

Summer holidays can mean many late evenings—and a reality check when getting back into a responsible-person sleep schedule. With Spotify’s playlists of serene music to relax you before bed, you’ll be sawing logs in no time. You can find all playlists in the sleeping hub here.

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7. Playlists for in-the-zone studying or working

Do you require a backdrop of ’90s hip-hop to drown out the world around you? Or maybe lyrics distract you and you work or study better with white noise or classical music. Spotify has playlists that suit your fancy. Check out the focus hub with various styles of playlists here.

8. Silent pauses, be gone!

If you’re studying or working and need constant music—meaning you loathe those endless empty seconds where one song ends and the next one begins—it is within your power to change that. Click “Settings,” scroll down and press “Play,” and you can set the pause of your track transitions.

9. Continue listening to similar songs when your jams end

When your playlist or album ends, you can let Spotify generate music similar to what you just listened to by allowing Autoplay. Just look under “Settings,” then go to “Playback” and choose “Autoplay.”

Do you have Spotify? We use our family account so much, it’s been very useful as well as entertaining.

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