Motivating your tribe with personalised ‘back to school’ supplies

With less than a month to go now before the new school term starts you might be thinking about your back to school shopping for your tribe, before your mammoth name labelling mission begins that is!

Some children are more keen than others to get back into the swing of the new term, but one way to ensure a bit of excitement, might be to consider a few personalised back to school items.

Funky Pigeon do a fantastic array of personalised back to school supplies that will encourage and motivate any little people to get back into their school routine.

If your child needs a backpack for school they have a great range of bags you can personalise, to add that special touch.

back to school

There are backpacks suitable for both girls and boys, whatever takes their fancy, including some of the most loved characters out there like the Avengers, Mickey and Minnie and Star Wars, as well as emojis and unicorns.

If your children have to take a pencil case to school, they may benefit from one with their name on. It’s easy for things to get misplaced at school and a personalised pencil case can prevent that, as well as make it a bit more interesting.

back to school

Our boys love the Spiderman one, but again there are loads you can choose from. Maybe your child likes Frozen, or perhaps they’d like a holiday photo on their pencil case instead? There are tons of options for you to look at.

Will your children be taking a packed lunch or having school dinners? Perhaps they will be having a mixture of both over the school year? A personalised lunch bag might be something you want to consider.

back to school

Funky Pigeon have over 50 different options when it comes to personalised lunch bags, so you should be able to find something for everyone. The prices vary a little depending on what you go for. All lunch bags have easy to carry handles and zipped main compartments, as well as a wipeable lining and a separate front pouch.

You can also get note pads, tabards, book bags and water bottles, all with personalisation options.

It can be hard to get everyone motivated for the new school year, but fun and practical items like these can help.

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