A close shave

Can you remember when you first became aware of shaving as a form of hair removal?

I remember from quite a young age watching my dad shave for work. He has very thick black hair so is one of these people that has a 4 o’clock ‘shadow’ even when he has shaved that morning. Because of this, he used to have to shave every day for work, so was always happy when the weekend came along or the holidays.

His facial hair is thick and coarse so a normal disposable Bic would never touch it, he always had “a proper razor” that could do the business so to speak. I think he would love this razor from Shavekit  – this screams “proper razor”. It is weighty and looks the business and it glides over the skin effortlessly. If the man in your life had one of these you’d be stealing it all the time for your legs because it gives such a close shave with much less irritation than standard razors.

The fact that this is also a mail order subscription service makes it all the more appealing. No more running out of razors and cutting yourself with a dodgy blade that has been used far too many times – you can have a quality shave every time. Whether you want to gift a partner or relative the perfect shave or whether you just think your legs deserve this then you should check out Shavekit.

The non-slip rubber handle means no more slipping and cutting yourself and the anti-clog system means each stroke shaves as well as the one before.

It takes a lot for a razor to impress me – I’ve been shaving my legs for 24 years now and I’ve tried so many razors and always been left disappointed. Although these razors are aimed at men these are brilliant for shaving legs. If the handle came in pink I’d love it even more, or maybe purple with pink spots…anyway…in my view, Shavekit are on to a good thing. With regards to what they could do better, just target women as well as men because nothing I have tried that is aimed at women even comes close!


Shavekit has a mission to deliver a better shave, for less. The most important thing for their members is a great shave, they don’t buy into expensive razor gimmicks like motorised handles and rotating balls. They just keep it simple.

They are not the cheapest possible shave, you won’t find their razors in a supermarket bargain bin, but they might just be a better shave than your current brand, for less. They also throw in free delivery and a free handle too.

We are offering one lucky Mummy Fever reader the chance to WIN a Shavekit so you can try it out yourself. You owe it to your hairy bits to enter!

Good luck!

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  1. I would give this kit to my Brother, blades are so expensive now so I’m sure he would love the kit xxx

  2. This would make a lovely gift for my grandfather! The man has everything, but a shaver that has satisfied him is not one of those things!

  3. My husband, my daughter refuses to come near him when he has a beard. She shouts no daddy I like you silky smooth hahaaha! x

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