Birthday cakes

gruffalo cake

With all four children’s birthdays between May and September I feel as if I spend around half the year planning and then making birthday cakes. I normally ask the children what sort of cake they would like and ‘who’ they would like on their cake. Of course, when they come up with something really intricate […]

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British BBQ food

quinoa salad

The British weather is, as we know highly unpredictable. Last year we waited and waited for a summer that never came. Last year we lit our BBQ twice. Twice. That’s appalling. One of those BBQ’s was between rain showers too. Because of the unpredictable nature of the British weather, it pays to have meals that […]

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A close shave

Can you remember when you first became aware of shaving as a form of hair removal? I remember from quite a young age watching my dad shave for work. He has very thick black hair so is one of these people that has a 4 o’clock ‘shadow’ even when he has shaved that morning. Because […]

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