Bath and bed

Bathtime and bedtime can sometimes feel like a marathon with lots of children, especially if you are feeling particularly tired.

For me, it’s always been about having a good system that includes time for play as well as cuddles and stories. I tend to run a fairly tight ship but that’s because I feel it is needed. I’m aware that not everyone agrees with the way I do things and bath and bedtime tends to differ somewhat with others involved, but I’m sure that anyone who does this the bulk of the time like me and has lots of other things on the ‘to do’ list, also has some form of system and routine.

I do things the way I do them for good reasons and because I’ve learnt a lot along the way. What works, what doesn’t, what triggers a meltdown and what triggers the domino effect, those nights when you can right off getting anything else done.

So for example the little boys go from the bath, into PJ’s and into bed to wait for story time.  I don’t put them down to race around when they come out of the bath because I’ve learnt that makes bedtime harder and they are more reluctant to settle down. That doesn’t mean that bathtime isn’t fun though and I’ve written lots before about the way the children play in the bath.

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Having a cosy towel to dry off in and some warm PJ’s ready to jump into is a big part of bathtime and all the children are quite fussy about how towels feel on their skin. I don’t blame them, as I much prefer a nice fluffy cosy towel to dry off on. Hooded towels are great for the little ones and this George Pig one is super cute. These are super soft and available at ASDA for £8.

I’m loving these George Pig PJ’s at the moment as well for my smallest little man, although he thinks it’s Peppa on the front! These are also available from ASDA at £7 per pair and they are really nice quality and hold their shape.

2016-04-04 19.42.04

Story time is normally three stories for the little ones and the big kids will read in bed.

I choose one and then each of the little boys chooses one each. Although that doesn’t stop them trying to con more out of me every night of course! In the school holidays and at the weekends we tried to read more and I’m looking forward to the days when they will all sit nicely to listen to the same story.

How is bath and bedtime in your home? Is it something you look forward to or dread?


  1. My husband works late so it’s usually down to me to do bedtime. I like the idea of him helping out but the reality is he whips everyone into a frenzy so the routine goes out the window!

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