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I’ve written quite a bit on the blog about sleep or lack of it as a parent. Don’t forget that sleep deprivation is of course a form of torture…I can totally understand why.

The bulk of our friends seem to have these children, you know the ones that go to bed early, don’t wake up in the night, or rarely wake up in the night and are still awake at a reasonable time in the morning. We’ve never really had that despite having a consistent bedtime routine involving a warm bath, cuddles, stories and so on. The boys in particular really fight sleep in general, and just don’t seem to need a huge amount. They don’t have daytime naps anymore, so we can’t even put it down to that. They have every excuse under the sun for not going to sleep and can spin it out for hours.


Obviously when a child is ill the sleep routine is even more out the window. Like many parents, I have spent many a night trying to cool down children with high fevers, administering Calpol or Nurofen running tepid baths and holding flannels on the skin whilst watching Dora the Explorer, or Peppa Pig. It’s just one of those things we all go through.

bath time

Warm nights also can make it difficult for the children to settle. Recently, with the mild September weather, we’ve had lots of nights when there hasn’t been a breeze, and it’s made the children very restless.

Leaky nappies or pull-ups can also disrupt sleep and we’ve had our fair share of those over the years. I can’t stay in all honesty that one brand is particularly worse than the others and believe me with tried them all. Sometimes I think children just wriggle around so much that nappies become loose or they rearrange themselves and they then don’t work as well.


Sore bottoms can also be an issue. Nappy rash it’s actually not something we’ve had a huge problem with across the four children over the years, each of them has suffered at some point, but fortunately by using a good nappy cream we’ve been able to fix it quickly reducing discomfort and unnecessary wake ups.

Bepanthen it’s one of those creams I’ve always had in the house. Before my first child was born, Bepanthen was the cream that was recommended to me, and despite trying other things over the years, it has always been my go-to cream, particularly when other things haven’t worked. It also works on very dry skin and blisters! We love a good multi-purpose product in our family!

happy baby

Babies’ bottoms have to cope with some tough conditions – especially at bedtime, when the nappy is on for a long time. It can be tricky to know how best to care for your baby’s soft and sensitive skin. Nappy rash apparently affects up to a third of babies and toddlers in nappies at any one time. Thankfully Bepanthen can help keep little bottoms happy, all night long.


Bepanthen Nappy Care Ointment forms a breathable and transparent layer to gently protect even the most delicate skin against the causes of nappy rash. The ointment not only helps protect your baby’s bottom, but cares for it with pro-vitamin B5, which gently aids the natural recovery of babies’ skin whilst keeping it soft and moisturised – great for every nappy change, especially at bedtime.

Bepanthen helps put nappy rash to bed – one less thing for you to worry about. The kind-to-bums formulation is free from fragrance, preservatives, colours and antiseptics, meaning it can be used at every bedtime nappy change to protect from the causes of nappy rash.

Using Bepanthen as part of your baby bedtime routine can help baby and you have a good night’s sleep. Baby’s bottom will be happier and protected from nappy rash helping to make an easier tomorrow. Routine is really important as the best way to sort nappy rash is by preventing baby from getting it in the first place.

Now, does anyone know of anything you can apply to tackle delaying tactics of little ones, or maybe just some fairy dust to induce sleep? No? I’ll keep looking then!


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  1. I find Bepanthen is really good for sore bottoms. My daughter is nearly 2, and I am still trying to get her to sleep through the night x

  2. We don’t have the issue of nappy any more thank god, but we do have the issue of four children who just don’t want to go to bed each night! They have every excuse in the book whey they can’t sleep, if only I had that issue! #sharewithme

  3. The pictures of your baby are amazing. Delaying tactics seem to continue throughout the years, my daughter is six and she still finds ways to delay the nap and bed times. Its fun to see how creative they get.

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