BEST TO REST: The UK’s best and worst motorway service stations in the UK

How many UK motorways do you think you see every year? Backwards and forwards to work, seeing friends and family and UK short breaks – how many times do you need to stop at a service station?

which are the best UK motorway services?

Taking a break at a motorway service station isn’t always convenient, just necessary. If you’re bursting for the loo, need to grab some lunch, or have been driving for a long period of time, it’s vital to take a break.

But where should you stop?

New research from Northgate Vehicle Hire reveals the UK’s best and worst motorway service stations, giving them a definitive score out of 10.

Looking at the number of amenities and the quality of the services, including restaurants, parking spaces, bathroom facilities, and hotels, the data shows Cobham to be the best service station in the UK, with 13 restaurants – including a Nando’s! Have you ever been?

Take a break

If you’re heading to Heathrow or Gatwick, Cobham is between junctions nine and 10 of the M25. There are 4260 parking spaces, showers, and even a launderette.

Chester services also scored high, along with Corley on the M6 and Cherwell Valley hidden away on the M40. 

Make a U-Turn

The award for the UK’s worst service station goes to Todhills (south) on the M6, near Gretnor Green, with just a BP garage and a small Wild Bean Café on site.

Interestingly, Todhills (North) at the opposite side of the M6 also ranked at the bottom of the pile, along with Happendon on the M74 and Gloucester on the M5.

The best and worst motorways

If you’re travelling on the M11 today then you’re in luck – with an average score of 85 points, this motorway ranked the best for available service stations. This was thanks to a solid score from Birchanger Green services, which boasts 8 different food outlets. London’s M25 placed eleventh on the list, and the M1 came in ninth. Motorists hitting the M23 in Surrey, however, aren’t in for a good stop, with an average score of 63.

The full data set and visuals can be found here – where is the best service station you’ve been to in the UK?


  1. The Bristol motorway stop is the best I have been too it got some much and the prices aren’t that good but none of them are cheap, so many food places to choice.

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