A mother’s ‘worth’: can it be calculated?

When entering the world of parenthood, your world changes completely. Some, parents choose to become stay-at-home parents, some try to work from home and stay with their children and others head back into the world of work.

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Whilst we like to dress these options up as choices, often parents feel like they have no choice but just tough trade offs.

Each ‘option’ comes with its highs and lows, positives and negatives.

According to LinkedIn, 14,536 men have the Stay at Home Dad title, and surprisingly 5,062 fewer women are advertising themselves as Stay at Home Mums. 23,956 are however listed as a Stay at Home Parent.

To explore the question that is often asked, Funky Pigeon have looked into eight ‘jobs’ that are embraced when one enters the world of parenting; cooking, cleaning, taxi-ing, caring, nursing, organising, educating and emotional supporting, and have analysed potential earnings for each.

The differences in a ‘parents salary’ across the UK are this.

In London, a parent can earn a potential £263,587pa for undergoing the eight roles analysed, whereas in Bristol, you’d only look to be earning £185,607pa.

In the city of Cardiff, a chef could be earning £44,749pa, though in Glasgow, you’d only look to be earning £22,310pa, so where might it be worth being the chef of the household for your family?

Nurses in Nottingham will earn an average of £50,828pa compared to the UK’s capital where the average salary of a nurse is £32,534.

A cleaners salary is somewhat consistent across these top UK cities ranging from £13,385 in Glasgow to over £17,000 in other leading regions.

Can we put a price on a parents’ duties? The answer will of course be no. The reality is that there is no comparison. Being a parent is not a job in the same sense and therefore cannot be truly compared to a 9-5.

If however you’d like to see just for fun how much Funky Pigeon think you could be ‘worth’ as a parent in your town or region, see the #ParentsSalary calculator to see how much you could bill.

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