Brilliant Children’s Gifts

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The gifting dilemma

Do you ever get a bit stuck when buying gifts for children? Not just your own but other people’s children as well? It can be tricky can’t it, you don’t want the child to be disappointed, you want them to love their gift and you want to know you gave them something that brought them joy.

But…same old, same old right? What I mean is there is so much plastic tat around these days it can be hard to find something different. Also, do children actually want something different? I know what you are probably thinking…I’m over-thinking the gift-giving. I honestly think it depends how you view it though. If you are happy ticking birthdays off your to-do list, happy in the knowledge you just didn’t forget, then that’s fine. If, like me though you prefer gift-giving to be more meaningful, read on.

Buying brilliant gifts for kids

In almost 15 years of being a parent one of the all time best places to buy gifts for children is, without a doubt Wicked Uncle. Now, if you are one of my readers from the USA, don’t panic as you guys also have a Wicked Uncle too!

There are some key things I love about Wicked Uncle. First off ‘wicked’ reminds me of my childhood. If something was really great my dad would say it was “wicked”, it was all “wicked”, so, Wicked Uncle, for me translates to really great gifts! Second up, when you buy a gift from Wicked Uncle, they will send you a reminder a year later, meaning you are less likely to forget. Thirdly, the search facilities on the site are some of the best I’ve seen. You can search by age and by categories – so, for example “dinosaurs” or “role play” or “outdoorsy”. This really speeds things up and stops the aimless scrolling through a site to find a gift.

Examples of brilliant children’s gifts

Wicked Uncle has tons of fantastic gifts for sale, to suit a range of budgets. I challenge you NOT to find something on their site. Every single time I visit the site I end up with tons of ideas for my own children and others.

At the moment they seem to have an even better selection of things than usual. I particularly love gifts which have multiple uses and Wicked Uncle are big on these types of gifts. So for example, these colour and wear dinosaur pyjamas above and this colour and wear wizard cape below. If you buy these types of gifts for your friends children they will thank you, because they have something to wear or dress up in as well as a creative activity to do! To me, these are two gifts in one!

If you have a child who loves to read, a head torch makes a great gift. Why not make it even more fun with a dinosaur or a unicorn head torch?

If your child enjoys puzzles, branch out from the regular puzzles available, why not try the round solar system puzzle shown above. With this you can add wooden planets and an LED sun when the puzzle is complete, making it not only different, but a real learning experience.

Glow Art - Neon Effect Drawing Board

Not only can you find great toys on the Wicked Uncle website, but you can also find super advice and tips, helping you to make informed choices about the toys you purchase.

If you are looking for gifts for children, make Wicked Uncle your first stop!

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