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Cleaning out your tumble dryer

I’ve always found cleaning the tumble dryer an awkward job. I empty the water tray and clean the lint tray after every use of course but it’s all the other bits that are a fiddle.

You need to do this to keep these machines running smoothly and doing their job properly and also to keep them safe.

The hardest part of the cleaning process I have always found is the section of the machine under the lint tray. The fluff all gets trapped in the holes and wedged in all the cracks but it is too tight a space to get in there to fix it.

I’ve been wondering for a while why someone hasn’t invented something for this purpose…unless they have and I’ve not found it. Anyone know of anything?

Having joked with my daughter about the fact that she needed to invent something, she handed me an old bottle brush.

This was a genius suggestion and does the job brilliantly.


I just brushed up and down and in the nooks and crannies and it loosened every bit of remaining lint and fluff and even the bits of tissue someone had left in their pocket!

It didn’t stick to the brush as I expected, so I just vacuumed it out afterwards!

Perfect! A simple solution to a really annoying problem! The best part is, I’ve noticed a huge change in the performance of the tumble dryer since I did this.

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