Comforters are odd things really, in that sometimes they are the strangest items. Even if your child has gorgeous soft toys bought for them at birth, it won’t necessarily mean they attach to those things.

Some children will have dummies, some will use their bottle as a comforter, some will breastfeed for comfort, some might go through all these stages and their comforter might alter over time.

Some children might have a manky blankie that is never allowed to be washed, some will attach to a favourite teddy or toy and some might even suck their thumb.

Our children have all been different. Our eldest had a tag blanket which she loved until around the age of seven, when she just decided that she didn’t need it anymore. As a baby she loved labels and used to stroke labels on anything she could find, clothing or toys. A tag blanket seem the way to go will her and she took comfort from that.

A friend bought our big boy a Pooh Bear head on a blanket when he was newborn. He still loves this now and he’s like the extra member of the family!

Our threenager has had a couple of comforters. Since stopping breastfeeding he has loved his bottle and definitely uses that for ‘comfort’. He has always had this habit of stroking his ear as he drinks his milk. He also has a Barney the dinosaur which we bought in Florida. For months he wasn’t bothered about it and then Barney became his favourite and even became a regular attendee at playgroup.

The littlest member of the family breastfed for the longest and at the end that was less about milk and more about comfort. Even though he doesn’t breastfeed anymore, he will still put his hand down my top when he is drinking milk or just when he’s tired. He has a couple of different soft toys that he likes, but no single thing he can’t manage without. He does however love both trains and dinosaurs and is much more likely to try to smuggle a dinosaur or toy train into bed with him than anything else.

tag blanket

As a compromise he’s trying out this little tag blanket from Dotty Fish, covered in dinosaurs. He knows lots of the dinosaur names, so likes to spot them on the blanket.

These make lovely gifts and comforters, but you just can’t predict what your little ones will take comfort from. However, if your children are fans of labels then one of these might be a good bet.

What form does your little one’s comforter take?


  1. We have little ‘taggie cloths’ here for my little one, I say little, he’s seven now but still loves them as they have little labels/ribbon on them. He has autism and touching and feeling things is a big part of who he is. He likes them best when they come out of the dryer as they are warm & soft ???

  2. PB (pink blanket) is my granddaughter’s comforter and it goes everywhere with her. At least it is big enough to spot if it is inclined to get left behind somewhere!

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