Creating moments

Life is a series of moments.


Some are bad, some sad, some funny, some good and some so amazing you struggle to put into words how they make you feel.

Many moments we remember but some do fade. Even if we have photos of these moments, sometimes we forget how we felt or somehow the photos themselves don’t always capture the mood of that moment.


A new feature to the Inkly App is called ‘Moments’ – you can upload a photo, add filters, text and choose from a wide range of stickers. The stickers are uniquely designed by Inkly and are helpfully categorised into a wide range of topics such as ‘weddings’, ‘pets’ and ‘baby and bump’, ‘quotes’. You can then easily share your ‘Moment’ across Instagram, Twitter and/or Facebook (or you can just save it to your mobile device).

They launched the feature at the start of June and we’ve being creating our ‘Moments’ ever since. They have stickers covering lots of important milestones which are really helpful but my personal favourite is the quotes facility.


Some of my favourite moments are those ordinary moments when you suddenly realise one of the children can do something new, or you witness a special moment between siblings.


What are your favourite moments? Have you tried Inkly before?



  1. I Like them for fun…. but as my job is a photographer, not sure i would want to place them all over my photographs. I have a photograph of the moment my daughter is passed to me! One to keep forever to remember that moment, glad i have it because its all quite a blur!

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