The big blogiversary giveaway: day fourteen

Although Mummy Fever has been around for quite a while now, it is a year since the new look blog emerged and things really moved on. As a result of this we are only really celebrating the first anniversary of this side of Mummy Fever.

As part of this celebration we are bringing you lovely readers a month of giveaways. Each day during March we will be launching a new giveaway and on the final day of the month there will be a bumper list of prizes on offer for one lucky winner.

Each giveaway will run for two weeks so you will have plenty of time to enter.

There are some great brands taking part and these are some of our favourites, so we hope you enjoy the prizes.


Good luck from all of us!

Today we are giving you the chance to win a pair of baby/toddler leggings from Blade and Rose. Blade and Rose stock a huge range of leggings for both boys and girls but it’s the boys ones that have really caught my eye. I’m totally sold on these and love the funky designs and bright colours.


Cosy, practical and great value at £10.00 each! So what do you think? Would you put your boys in leggings? Fancy winning a pair?

Just complete the easy widget  below to enter!

The big blogiversary giveaway: day fourteen

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  1. I love putting my boys in leggings, they are two and three. Zara do fab leggings. I’d much rather take my boys out to soft play in leggings rather than jeans as they are so much easier, and I imagine, comfier than jeans. Perhaps not for riding a bike or playing on their scooters but for lounging around or running about they are perfect!

  2. These are absolutely lush- and I adore the bright colours! I get so SICK of the whole ‘pink or blue’ thing for kids

  3. My son had a pair with a pirate on the bum. Absolutely adorable and really good quality.

  4. Babies and toddlers look great in bold colours and funky designs that we’d never get away with 😉

  5. I think babies should be dressed for comfort & practicality, and leggings are comfortable for baby and practical for parents, so I don’t see an issue. My grandmother had an old photo of my father as an infant in the 1920’s and he was wearing a dress. I remember asking her why he was dressed as a girl, and she said that in her day all babies, irrespective of gender, wore dresses as it made nappy changing much easier. This was in the days before stretchy fabrics, zippers and snaps, when clothes had lots of buttons, and nappies were made of terry cloth and fastened with pins. Little boys were only put in shorts once they were potty trained.

  6. Leggings are much easier for little people and carers. The range of designs available on the website is fantastic

  7. I would love to win these for my friend’s child. Both have been poorly recently so this would be a welcome surprise!

  8. These are so adorable! Both our older boys wore leggings and tights when they were smaller, why shouldn’t boys have the right to stay warm? Now their little sister practically lives in them x

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