The things I love about you


You four children have so many wonderful things in common and you are such a little team, but there are also so many unique things about each of you. Here are some of the things I love about you: Your determination to succeed at everything you do Your hardworking and conscientious attitude to life and […]

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Autumn Adventures

family walk

Autumn is a lovely season, it must be a photographer’s dream with all the gorgeous colours around. I’m an Autumn baby, so maybe that’s why I feel an affinity with this time of year. It has been quite mild here until relatively recently, but the warmer coats are starting to come out now and the […]

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My last baby

my last baby

A few weeks ago I took this photo of my youngest looking out of the window of a canal boat. The more I look at it, the more grown up I think he looks, and the more I realise that he’s really not a baby anymore. As the youngest of four he has a massive advantage […]

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How your child can succeed at sixth form

nelson mandela

The importance of sixth form cannot be overstated, and this is the case with regard to academic measures and the growing maturity and development of youngsters. The performance of a student at sixth form will often determine what college or university they can gain access to and what courses they can study. So if university […]

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Exploring Chirk Castle

Chirk Castle

We love exploring new places and the little boys especially love going on new adventures. When the big kids are busy, I try to find lots of adventures to keep the little ones occupied. They even ask now most days “are we going on an adventure?”. Sometimes the adventures are to new places and sometimes […]

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