Family essentials

When you have a family your list of ‘essential’ items becomes much longer than it ever was before. There are lots of things you feel you should have in, just in case like Calpol, and a range of first aid stuff as well. Then there are the things you use daily like baby wipes and Sudocrem, other things you need when you travel, and then some things you think you really should be using every day like Bio Oil.

I was at the post office the other day just sending a parcel and there was a mum buying a pack of Pampers Baby Wipes. Just one pack of wipes, nothing else.  £3.99 she paid for them! They weren’t gold plated, they hadn’t previously wiped a famous face or bottom and it wasn’t even a super size pack! £3.99 for a pack of wipes. With four children we get through a pack of wipes per day…. £28 a week on wipes…I think not.

At Chemist Direct you can buy a 12 pack of pampers sensitive wipes for £13.49. Quite a difference.

Baby wipes are one of those essential items that you realise you should have always had in your life – how did we cope without them before we had children? Not to be confused with the wet, white things we use for dirty faces, hands and bottoms, these beauties have multiple uses and can even clean stains off the carpet or sofa!


You can also get a range of other family essentials at great value at Chemist Direct and the ordering process is easy from your smartphone or computer and although delivery isn’t always that fast, it clearly pays to wait.

Where do you purchase your family essentials from? What are the key products you always have in? What can’t you cope without?


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