How To Choose The Best Air Hockey Table For Your Kids

Air hockey is one of the best games that your kids can enjoy playing indoors. It’s fun, exciting, and it includes kids in all age groups. Buying the air hockey table, however, is an investment that you don’t make every day and if you’re buying it for your kids, you need to get the right one.

To guide you in making a good purchase decision, here are a few informative tips on how to choose the best air hockey table for your kids:

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

1.    Get An Ideal Table Size

You want to get an air hockey table that’s an ideal size for your kids to play with comfortably. For a home table, you can get one that’s around 4 feet in length. This will be good enough for young kids around 5 years of age.

For slightly older kids aged above 10 years, you can opt for a 6 feet long table. The advantage of this size is that even the smaller kids will grow into it and get to play on it, making your it a great investment.

2.    Consider Lighting

Getting an air hockey table with an overhead scoring and lighting unit will come in handy for your kids since such a table will allow them to play in rooms that aren’t brightly lit. Additionally, lighting will give the table an elevated look with features such as black lighting that make pucks and paddles glow, creating an epic feel for your kids when they play. Having a screen will also keep score, eliminating any disputes that your children may have when competing against one another.

3.    Choose Between A Manual Or Digital Score Tally

Understanding the personality of your kids is important when deciding whether to purchase a manual or digital score tallying air hockey table. Some tables come fitted with a digital scoring system that keeps track of every score made. Others are fitted with a manual score tally system such as a whiteboard or abacus.

Depending on what fancies your kids most or what you’d want them to experience, you can choose the most ideal option between the two. If all you want for them is ease of play, then the digital score tally table will be a perfect choice.

If you want your kids to focus more on hyping up the game and modifying the rules to their liking, then the manual score tally will be a more ideal option to go for.

4.    Invest in A High-Quality Build

Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

You want value for your money in the air hockey table that you buy for your kids. You want something that will last for years regardless of how much your kids play on it. It’s vital then to get a table with a high-quality build.

Go for a table with rink walls made of high-density nylon or aluminum to be able to handle high impact during gameplay. Ensure that the playfield is coated with a laminate that’s wear-resistant to increase the table’s durability.

Ensure that the table legs are made of strong steel or wood material to provide it with enough support for years. Most importantly, check for a UL seal of approval that assures you that the table is safe to use when your kids are playing on it.


Those four tips will help you choose an ideal air hockey table for your kids. With so many of them available for sale in the market, it can be confusing deciding which one to buy. Here are some of the best air hockey table options for kids.

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