Sunny Strategies: Enhancing Your Day Trip with Card Counting Techniques


Combining the joys of a day trip with the intellectual stimulation of card games can create an unforgettable experience. Whether lounging on a sunny beach or enjoying a quiet hotel stay, understanding and applying card-counting techniques can add an exciting dimension to your travels. Resources like the casino’s Card Counting Trainer provide an excellent starting point for those interested in learning how to count cards.

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Christmas Day Games For All The Family

Take a look at some of the games below for inspiration. You could always give these as gifts as well, they make great presents for a family. Playing games like these ones below is a great alternative to more Christmas TV, and it will stop everyone from either eating too much, or falling asleep.

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Games and puzzles for children in isolation

Educational games and puzzles have been an absolute lifesaver as a parent this year. I used to get so frustrated with big box games and puzzles, flapping about how much space they took up, but I’ve been so grateful I kept them all this year. In fact, I’ve added to our collection this year and they’ve been hugely beneficial.

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If toddlers did bucket lists


Bucket lists…lots of us have made them, several of them even probably. They might be life bucket lists in general, crazy things you want to do type lists, or even travel bucket lists. Some of us have probably ticked a couple of things off the list as well. What would be on your toddlers bucket list?

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When you aren’t Supermum


Being a mum is a tough job, there is no disputing that. What is even tougher, is being a mum who holds strong convictions on how to raise her children, work, as well as do all the chores at home. Parenting is one of the most rewarding things out there, but even the ideal multitasking, […]

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